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By choosing CommuniCloud, you will have the confidence to collaborate, connect and communicate.

Collaboration, Connectivity & Cyber Security is our focus. 

Since 2011, we have been empowering small, medium and large enterprises. Our rich experience and superior partnerships provide you with the right technology and solutions. Delivering services to a range of Australian based companies, industries and verticals. We are skilled in providing services to government, healthcare, finance, ICT and education.

Standing out from the crowd, we offer exceptional services, training, and support. Our superior strategic partnerships are with industry leaders such as Cisco, Jazz networks, Agari, InfoTrust, Splunk and Polycom. Together we make technology accessible.


Our extensive experience in cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions enable us to deliver a full suite of professional services, including:



We provide a diverse range of video/audio equipment services and products. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Polycom, Cisco and Logitech equip you with the best hardware and software solutions. We ensure smooth integration between MS Teams, Skype for Business, and other video collaboration devices to help you conduct effective and productive meetings.



We bring about IT transformation within your organisation with our hosted IP telephony, networking and internet services. Our services aim to improve your connectivity through CRM integration, desktop communicator, softphone and mobile app and the like. Our networking solutions ensure that you have an intelligent network tailored to your business needs. We meticulously design the network for each our customers and equip them with Private IP/VPN, SD-WAN and MPLS, W-LAN, Cloud Delivery, and Layer-2 Network as per the needs.


Cyber Security

CommuniCloud develops a culture of cyber resilience and accelerates growth across industries through secure solutions. Our cybersecurity solutions are based on an ecosystem of processes, policies, and procedures which ensure strategic placement of technology. We create an effective long-term strategy to mitigate any cybersecurity-related risks and keep your enterprise protected from any probable data breaches.


CommuniCloud delivers industry-leading solutions throughout Australia.

We, along with our sheer experience, dedication, and professionalism, strive hard to provide our customers with the best scalable services.

Partner with us and experience certainty. Certainty in terms of quality services and reliable solutions that fuel your growth exponentially.


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Leading global companies rely on CommuniCloud
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You Can Rely On

Company culture begs for more collaboration and as we all know, business needs change so conference rooms need to follow suit.

Unified Collaboration
Cisco Webex

As an Australian value-added partner of Cisco Webex, we can deploy and manage their entire suite of innovative products as we create custom solutions for your business.

Microsoft Video Interop

Designed for the modern workplace, CommuniCloud Video puts the power of next-gen communication in your hands.


Video Conferencing equipment
Video Conferencing Equipment

A meeting experience powered by collaboration. Certified solutions mean seamless meeting experiences.


Audio Conferencing
Audio Conferencing

Whether you need a 10-minute chat with your team or a long-scheduled event with global collaborators, CommuniCloud Audio Conferencing delivers flawless conferencing every time.

Smart Scalability copy
Hosted IP Telephony

Today’s professionals use video, audio, messaging and a host of apps to keep in touch with teams, clients and networks.


Networking & Internet
Networking & Internet

Monitor all sites and see what links are up and down. View all connected devices and applications and make changes from a single, intuitive, management interface.

CommuniCloud Video

CommuniCloud helps companies, governments and educators save time and reduce costs with customer centred solutions, blended with high-quality industry leading video solutions.


Looking For a Unified Collaboration?

Get the team together, brainstorm ideas and produce more work with fewer distractions. By preparing your setup in advance, taking advantage of the tools at your disposal, and engaging your participants, video communication with CommuniCloud Video can prove to be a better way to network.

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