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Introduction to Effectively Filling Your Cyber Security Gaps

Many organisations are starting to build a cyber security strategy as cybercrime is on the rise. When it comes to an organisation evaluating its cyber.....

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Implementing an ISO27001 compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be an intimidating task, especially if one has no prior knowledge of the Standard. An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing risks related to valuable information assets (organisation information) to ensure it remains secure. This approach includes people, processes and systems. An ISMS preserves the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information by applying a risk management process.


Top 10 reasons to achieve ISO 27001 certification

ISO27001:2013 allows companies to use the best risk management systems standards to plan their security investment. Here are the top 10 reasons why companies need to achieve ISO27001:

  1. Complying with the contractual requirements.
  2. Reducing business reputational / financial and legal impact of a security breach.
  3. Win larger clients.
  4. Renew contracts/tenders.
  5. Gain a competitive advantage.
  6. Provide value to the business through marketable certification stamp.
  7. Stop wasting time and energy to answer same ISO-based questionnaires in tenders.
  8. Spread risks to the business where they belong.
  9. 'Lock-in' annual security funding year after year.
  10. Link ad-hoc existing security controls.   
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To uncover common misconceptions about ISMS, Privasec will be hosting a free 30-minute webinar on 2nd Oct. This webinar is designed for individuals starting to learn how to build an ISMS using ISO 27001, but would also benefit experienced security professionals looking to increase their company’s resilience to cyberattacks through defined processes and responses.
Limited slots are available - RSVP here to book your spot:



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Introduction to Effectively Filling Your Cyber Security Gaps

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