Security – Why should you be compliant?

Did you know that the Notifiable Data Breaches (NBD) scheme was established in February 2018 for protecting personal information? Under the scheme, any organisation or government agency covered by the Privacy Act 1988 must notify individuals affected and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner when a data breach is likely to result in serious harm …

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It’s time to get Passwordless!

Security is evolving, and the future is passwordless. What does this mean? At CommuniCloud, we highly recommend DUO. DUO Passwordless Authentication is a method of verifying identity when a user accesses an application. Instead of relying on a password to authenticate, users can authenticate in the way that works best for them:

Kill Malicious Processes

Ava Reveal allows your organisation to monitor, analyse, and understand activity across your users and endpoints. Reveal helps your security team prevent data leaks and loss, detect threats, and train employees on cyber hygiene and compliance requirements. The Reveal Agent is responsible for collecting information, hosting policies, and taking actions when commanded by the operator directly or when triggered by …

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Identify & Track Risky Employees

Identify and Track Risky Employees Insider threats can come from different parts of your organisation or the supply chain. They can emerge from different users, like departing employees, home workers, contractors and business partners, or suppliers. Ava Reveal allows you to identify insiders who put your data at risk, knowingly or unknowingly regardless of which …

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Ransomware Attack Targets Law Firm with Big Name Clients

Campbell, Conroy & O’Neill represents Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies. On February 27, 2021, law firm Campbell, Conroy & O’Neill learned of a widespread ransomware attack that affected the personal data of a number of their clients. Campbell serves well-known organizations across a variety of industries including Boeing, Pfizer, General Motors, and Home Depot. …

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Understanding What a Data Breach Means To Your Organisation

A top concern for companies of all sizes recently has been data breaches as cyber criminals gain power from high ransom payments. Data breaches occur when a third party gains unauthorised access to sensitive information and either sells it on the dark web or holds it for ransom. It’s important for companies to be familiar …

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