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Data Breach Detection Services

To protect your team, we become an extension of it

We don’t just flag an alert and disappear. Once the machines do their job, our people immediately step in to break down what it means and what needs to happen next. Flexible support for your most urgent security needs, and top of the line monitoring capabilities.


Protection for all Endpoints

We protect your network, cloud and endpoints with vulnerability management, continual monitoring and intelligent analysis.

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Accuracy Assurance

Why waste time and resources chasing misleading alerts and alarms when you can identify those that are true threats immediately. We won’t slow you down with false alarms. AgileBlue’s proprietary Silencer Technology offers a 90% true positivity rate.

Built to serve

No jumping through hoops to talk to a real person. No ignored emails. No unanswered questions. You can reach our experts whenever you want. Really.


Key Benefits

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Intel & Action Built Around You

  • Some security solutions look for known threats, give a reactive response, and then pat themselves on the back. But we aren’t just ‘some’ security solution. CommuniCloud is leading cyber security capabilities with visionary monitoring tools.
  • We collect your security data from all endpoints, pair it with threat intelligence analysis, and give you the insights in real-time … a.k.a. we help you spot a breach before it happens.
  • Your custom security dashboard gives you complete transparency into what we see. No secrets, no surprises, no lags.
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The Industry’s Best, Made Better For You

  • Our Managed Security services were built with the ELK Stack (Elastic, Logstash and Kibana) as the foundation for our machine learning technology. That means our platform can learn your company’s definition of “normal” and predict threats that are unique to you.
  • Our proprietary “Silencer” technology provides an extra layer of peace of mind with its 90% true positivity rate. You get the alerts that matter, and can trust that our tech is doing exactly what you need it to do.

Ready to protect your company with CommuniCloud?

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