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  By CommuniCloud

Every ten minutes, a cyber crime is reported in Australia. According to the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, there were more cyber attacks in the first six months of 2020, than in all of 2019. Too often, Australians fall victim to opportunistic cyber criminals and left dealing with the recovery from costly disruptions.

Cyber-Kit, is a toolkit designed to provide SMEs with tools to educate, improve cyber security awareness and gain a greater understanding of their security hygiene and footprint.

Globally there is a 145% cyber security skills shortage which means there are fewer businesses and employers who are educated on threats that exist and fewer people available to educate Australians.

Why businesses need Cyber-Kit

Cyber-Kit will bridge the gap by providing SMEs access to education, support and advice that typically would not be available due to the nature of cyber security tools being complicated and expensive.

The toolkit will provide on an ongoing basis via our cyber-portal a gateway to trusted advisors, communities of practice, training and support;

  • Security Intelligence
  • Analysis
  • Incident response
  • Policy and compliance 
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What's in Cyber-Kit

To make things easier, we've gathered all the security tools you need into one place, A tool kit for SMEs designed to address cyber security risks, upskill and transfer knowledge allowing SMEs to develop in house skills to improve cyber security posture.

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Application Roadmap
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Cyber Hygiene & Security Awareness
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Trusted Advisor

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