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Your People, Data & Reputation.

Current or former staff, contractor, supplier, or trusted business partner, who has or had authorised access to the organisation’s assets can cause major security problems that threaten a company’s brand and reputation.

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Verified by machine learning to eliminate shortage of time and people.

How it works

Collect events with the Jazz Agent

Collect events with the Jazz Agent on endpoints and servers, such as browser, print, WiFi, applications, USB, files (type, content, name), data movement, logins, location, processes, connections, and DNS requests.

Analyse and detect anomalous events

Analyze and detect anomalous events and behavior of users, applications, and operating systems based on machine learning and customizable, out-of-the-box policies.

Investigate suspicious incidents

Investigate suspicious incidents with improved workflow using cases, individually or across teams. Add events, triggered sensors, alarms, comments, links, and photos to build a case over time.

Respond with real-time action

Respond with real-time action such as isolate or lock computer, multi-factor authentication, display message or take screenshot. Actions are either automated based on policies, or used to remediate cases.






Jazz 2

Use Case: Data Protection

Jazz Networks Insider Threat assessment

Initial security challenge

The customer was concerned about protecting customer data.

Their lack of visibility into their globally distributed workforce - paired with VPN enforcement issues - led them to decide against network-based solutions.

Visibility with Jazz


Although USBs were intended to be disabled for all devices, the platform identified a sales consultant who had been making regular backups of customer data to a USB drive. The ability to see a logical sequence of events across several attributes would not have been possible without the Jazz Platform.

The platform could see all file names on the USB and the frequency of use, which indicated that this had gone unnoticed for months.

The platform provided full visibility into their distributed workforce, enabling them to uncover additional corporate policy violations for cloud storage.


Understand employee behavior from Day 1

Every connection. Every action. Every employee. Every server.

Verified by machine learning to eliminate shortage of time and people.