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Unify and simplify your
business communications

Thrive today,
reduce the noise

To thrive today, organisations must reduce the noise and streamline the flow of information.

Gone are the days when businesses could depend on a single phone system to keep everyone connected. Today’s professionals use video, audio, messaging and a host of apps to keep in touch with teams, clients and networks. The flexibility is great, but the noise can be deafening. The solution? Truly unified communications.

  • Crisp, clear audio
  • One-click connection
  • CRM integration
  • Softphone and Mobile App
  • Desktop Communicator
  • Contact Centre Options

Hosted IP Telephony

You need more than just a phone system. You need a robust, truly unified communications solution that blends the workplace applications you use most and delivers a simple, unified user experience.

Industry recognised technology partners

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Easier for IT. Easier for users.
Easier all around.

Without traditional telephone infrastructure and the equipment that users find increasingly out of date, you’ll find that the switch to hosted IP telephony makes life easier for everyone. And best of all, your business will benefit from lower costs, increased flexibility and greater unity.

Endless flexibility

Answer your office phone number while you’re on the road. Make a call from anywhere. Switch to a video conference and then move from your laptop to your mobile device.

One organisation, multiple sites

The world is your office with hosted IP telephony. Your main office, dispersed sites and home-based workers can all be connected on a single platform as if everyone were physically together.

Nimble scalability

Easily make adds, moves and changes on the spot to support business growth or changes in usage patterns. You’ll no longer have to worry about adding infrastructure as you grow.

Cost Reductions

Since our IP telephony platform operates on your existing high-speed internet connection, you can drop your traditional phone lines and enjoy competitive calling rates.

Give your team the tools they need to do their best work

As an Australian value-added partner of Cisco, we can deploy and manage their entire suite of innovative products as we create custom solutions for your business.


unified and simplified

Experience the difference today!