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Implementing Video Conferencing and Training Staff

Once you’ve chosen a video conferencing platform for your organisation, it’s time to implement it and train your staff. In this chapter, we’ll look at the onboarding process and ways you can ease the transition.


How to Follow an Onboarding Process

When you follow a clearly-defined onboarding process, your staff will have the tools necessary to effectively use your new video conferencing software. The following steps are important:


1. Define your objectives for onboarding video conferencing

How will video conferencing be used in your organisation? Under what circumstances will it be helpful? Will everyone have access to it? How will it help you to reach your organisation’s core goals and competencies?


2. Learn best practices

Video conferencing has its own etiquette and set of norms, and your staff will be more successful if they all learn to follow the same best practices. Not only will they need to learn their ways around the software, but they’ll also benefit from instruction regarding lighting, troubleshooting, preparation and the best ways to lead discussions via video.


3. Implement Staff Training

CommuniCloud offers support for staff training that will help you during the onboarding process. For example, you can use CommuniCloud’s video tutorials to teach specific skills, such as how to use the InView Scheduling Portal to create meetings and send out invitations via Outlook.

Remember that it’s helpful to promote early adopters when implementing new technologies at your organisation. There is value in having younger generations in the workplace who embrace technology and welcome it eagerly. Implementing new processes requires a mindset that is open to change.

The successful implementation of new technology requires planning, training and persistence. You’ll need to ensure that staff are using the technology post-training, and it can be helpful to review the basics from time to time, especially for people who just use the technology occasionally.



It’s an exciting time to be a business owner. With low-cost and high-impact technologies like cloud-based video conferencing software, you can extend your reach for very little capital, helping you to strengthen your organisation and reach your goals.

Here at CommuniCloud, we know that each organisation is unique in its mission and challenges, and we develop products that can be customised for each business. For more information about how video conferencing can enhance your organisation, reach out to us. We can help you to find the perfect solution for your communication and collaboration needs.

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