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Insider risk

detection and response

Understand human and device behavioural patterns in real time. Strengthen your defence against insider risks–malicious, careless, and accidental.


Protect your people, data and reputation.

Current or former staff, contractor, supplier, or trusted business partner, who has or had authorised access to the organisation’s assets can cause major security problems that threaten a company’s brand and reputation.

Insider risk is identified as one of the costliest and most common sources of data breaches to organisations. Protect your business against all insider risks – from non-malicious to malicious – with CommuniCloud.

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Detect and stop insider risks.

1 insider threat security

Key benefits

  • Prevent insider IP theft and sabotage.
  • Avoid data breaches caused by accidental errors or careless employees.
  • Augment your IT staff with CommuniCloud Cyber Security Operations Centre and threat hunters.

  • Boost your team’s threat hunting skills, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Achieve lasting impactful effects on employee’s cyber hygiene with incident-based feedback.


Cloud Line

Why us?

Human centric
Human-centric security

Individual user profiles shed light on how data is accessed and used, with optional anonymisation for privacy. With user activity monitoring, you can protect your systems and data from those who already have privileged access and knowledge of sensitive data and systems.

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Industry-leading pre-defined and bespoke policies

Built-in policies for data tracking, cyber hygiene, and malicious activity that can detect and defend against various risks. Policies run against computers and users, providing insight into how users access files, applications, and systems, which determine specific areas of risk.

User activity monitoring certified

Our solution is UAM certified by National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF), providing individual user profiles, keystroke monitoring, full application content, and screen capture. All data is attributed to a specific user, even on shared machines.

privscy friendly
Privacy-friendly insider risk solution

With Ava Reveal’s industry-leading solution of pre-built data minimization techniques, such as pseudonymization and anonymization (partial and full redaction), you can now detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users.

malicious insiders
Detect malicious insiders upon install

Built-in rules immediately alert the operator of real-world insider risk scenarios. For example, detect employees using restricted administrative tools, sending sensitive information outside of the organization, circumventing security, and printing documents during irregular hours.

Machine learning
Machine learning

Ava’s breakthrough machine learning component combines multiple algorithms that monitor user, entity, and network behavior to detect security threats. The machine learning generates statistically robust models of behavior that are tailored to each individual in an organization and achieve better predictive performance.


Protecting from data loss

Financial Services company

The challenge. A publicly traded company wants to ensure that its financial statements are kept secure within the company until it’s publicly released through proper channels. They’re currently not confident in how their data is handled.

The solution. Shortly after deploying the insider threat solution, the company identified several risks. Quarterly reports and business plans for the coming year were transferred to USB storage devices. In addition, software code (intellectual property or IP) was stored locally on laptops. If these USB storage devices or laptops were lost, the company would lose the data and control over who can access it.

Benefits. The company’s management team is assured that not just their financial statements are secure, but also their IP and their reputation. By implementing policies, employees adopt better data protection practices and sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.




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Protect what really matters.

Your People, Data & Reputation.


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