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Private and Secure Solutions 

Does your data matter? Are you confident no one is listening? Choose Security first, video and audio conferencing.

Move your video and audio collaboration to a secure cloud with our competitive virtual meeting rooms, Microsoft Teams interop and corporate branded solution.


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Where is your data?

What happens to your data that is collected when using shared cloud services? With other cloud services, you lose control of where your data is routed, and where data is stored. In a single call, your data and information can easily be routed around the world.

Don’t give up your rights on data privacy and ownership, protect your intellectual privacy or the privacy of your customers.

Pexip Private Cloud

With the Pexip Private Cloud or your own Pexip private cloud, you take back control of your data and decide where you’d like to host it. If you’d prefer data to never leave a dedicated country or set of locations that maintain an elevated level of data protection, this is easily achievable.

Total interoperability

Connect all your video conferencing technology with a single solution. Support tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, or Skype for Business in the same workflow as meeting room systems and mobile, desktop, or web users.

Flexible Install

Pexip can be consumed and deployed any way to best suit your organisation’s technology and infrastructure requirements. Want Pexip as a service? Check. Want it in your own instance of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or AWS? Check. Or even entirely on-premises? No problem.

The flexible deployment options allow you to move to the cloud at your own pace and complement or extend your existing video conferencing infrastructure or service. Pexip enables every feature from a single platform so there is no need for appliances, multiple deployments, or complex licensing schemes.


Key Benefits

Providing you the assurance of high-quality services protected by data sovereignty, so that your private information will never leave our beautiful shores.




Dedicated Support

Our concierge services and knowledge base of our Australian based technical teams, provide our customers with peerless consistent support.


Carefully selected global partnerships with industry leaders to deliver high-quality services to our customers.

Simplified Systems
We simplify communication with customers, prospects and employees and take the pain out of keeping your teams connected, leaving you free to focus on your business.


Easy to use, growth driven solutions to suit small business and large enterprises.


Plug n Play
We natively integrate with commonly used software clients, everyday applications and multi-vendor systems providing you with unmatched interoperability.

Pexip a better way to meet

Bring people to the heart of your meetings with Adaptive Composition. Designed with state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology, Pexip meetings put all participants on equal footing. Contact us today!


See why top companies choose CommuniCloud

Ian Mackintosh
TAS Department of Health

CommuniCloud work with The Department of Health to enable the simplicity for internal and external stakeholders to meet on video, anytime from any device.
"We had to increase our video meetings capacity, CommuniCloud was instrumental in helping us do this, with a managed bridging service delivered securely within our infrastructure."


McConnell Dowell
Heinrich Kukkuk
McConnell Dowell

CommuniCloud are dedicated to supporting and connecting McConnell Dowell's video centric workforce, across all their global locations.

"CommuniCloud, through their Video solution, has provided us with a cost effective, user friendly and stable platform to help support our Unified Communications aspirations and cater for our somewhat unique needs."