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Remote Worker Safety Monitoring Services

The Challenge


With an increasing number of people working from home, on the road or in a hybrid role, organisations are losing the visibility needed to secure their employees, their data and their organisation. With the move outside of more traditional perimeter defences, it becomes a struggle to keep remote workers secure and your data safe.



Why CommuniCloud & Ava Reveal 

As businesses send their employees to work remotely, it's imperative for security professionals to provide guidance so remote workers can do their part to help you keep your organisation secure and protected from breaches. With CommuniCloud and Ava Reveal, we help provide visibility and security to your data and endpoints outside of the office.

Remote Security

We provide full visibility of your data and endpoints outside of the office. Reveal notifies organisations of unencrypted or unapproved Wi-Fi networks, suspicious login activity, or printing outside office hours, geolocation, and more.

remote security
Privacy-friendly insider risk solution

Using pre-built data minimisation techniques, such as pseudonymisation and anonymisation (partial and full redaction), you can now detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users.

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Policy and machine learning

Combining these two powerful methods of detection, regardless of an employee being offline or remote. This combination analyses more user scenarios and detects more incidents–resulting in faster threat remediation.

Flexible, seamless deployment options

The Reveal agent is deployed to Windows, macOS, and Linux computers and servers, where it collects granular behavioural information for security threat analysis.

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Key Benefits

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Full visibility while maintaining privacy

  • Detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users with anonymisation
  • Attribute data and events to individual users
  • Identify how data is accessed and used
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Identify and Mitigate more Risks

  • Improve cyber hygiene and keep data and endpoints secure, regardless of location
  • Combine the power of machine learning and rule-based policies
  • Detect risks and enforce behaviour with actions, regardless of an employee being offline or remote
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Educate your users on security

  • Implement effective security training with lasting effect
  • Guide employees to make the right decision in real-time with dynamic IT security
  • Assess your cyber hygiene status and identify additional needed training
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Security Simplified

  • Lightweight Reveal Agent
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Cost-effective, straightforward subscription model without hidden costs
  • Robust security controls and anti-tamper measures across the solution.

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