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Live Webinar

User Behaviour & Whisky Tasting Bootcamp

Wednesday  9 June 2021 | 4pm AEST

 Webinar and Whisky Tasting

Human behaviour continues to be one of the weakest links in security. Human error is the most common way we open the door to hackers. And when this happens, it won’t just be an attack on you at work; it can attack you at home. Hackers know that users are easily exploitable and you must know where your weakest link is.

Cyber attacks and security breaches have become so widespread that often people are desensitised to the threat. Falling victim to attacks is costly and can cause irreparable damage to your business, your reputation and your customers.

Learn why your employee's security awareness and behaviour are crucial to protecting your business from cyber attacks.

Join us for an intimate session with Nick Maxwell, General Manager, Ava Unified Security and Stephen Hill, CTO, CommuniCloud whilst experiencing a FREE virtual whisky tasting from the team at Hellyers Road Distillery.

When: Wednesday 9 June at 4:00pm AEST

Duration: 1hr and 30mins

Attend our webinar and learn:

    • How to understand user behaviour
    • How to test and improve user behaviour
    • How to find the cracks in your defences
    • Why your people are vulnerable to an attack
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Did someone say Whisky Tasting?

It’s essential to get the most out of a security Bootcamp and refuel.

We cannot think of a better way to complement understanding user behaviour with understanding the story of Hellyers Road. Join the team from Hellyers Road Distillery for a FREE virtual tasting of the Single Malt Original and Single Malt Pinot Noir.


Register today! Hurry - there are limited spaces.