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Learn about the CommuniCloud video platform

What Software Does Your Business Need?

Different businesses have different video conferencing needs, which are often highly individualised. In general, however, small businesses have very different needs from enterprises or educational and government organisations.

In this chapter, we’ll look at the unique video conferencing needs of different kinds of organisations. You may think of new ways to use video in your business, or you may see how you can operate more efficiently when you utilise this technology to the fullest.


Small Businesses

Scalability should be a high priority for small businesses. In order to be flexible and ready for growth, small businesses need to position themselves for expansion while still keeping their costs minimal. A scalable video conferencing program is thus a valuable asset to any small business.

Additionally, small businesses need solutions that are comprehensive. Small business owners and employees have to wear many different hats, and their software should be able to do the same. For instance, it’s helpful if you can use your video software to handle many tasks: team meetings, hiring interviews, webinars, training, collaboration, and client sales meetings.

Cost is another important factor for small businesses. There’s no sense in paying for an enterprise-size program when you have a team of ten people. Look for a video conferencing solution that fits your budget now but can grow with you as you expand.


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Many enterprise businesses were early adopters of video conferencing technology, however high costs and clunky onboarding meant that rollout was minimal throughout the organisation. Cloud-based video platforms like CommuniCloud have allowed enterprises to reduce on-premises infrastructure costs and grow the adoption of video conferencing beyond the boardroom.

Enterprises have their own unique challenges to deal with, such as company-wide IT implementation, ease of adoption, cost and compliance. Data sovereignty laws that require Australian businesses of a certain size to store their information within the country can present further complexities for IT buyers. 

This is one of the primary reasons that many Australian enterprises choose CommuniCloud video conferencing, which allows them to store and manage data within Australia and even build custom IT infrastructure if needed. 

When employees of an enterprise all have easy access to video conferencing software and they’re trained on how to use it, they can easily arrange face-to-face meetings with colleagues, customers and collaborators. Performance improves and staff members are more unified and connected. 

When dealing with an enterprise-size organisation, it’s important to remember that interoperability is also essential. Staff members will have all kinds of devices that they’ll want to use for video conferencing, so make sure your chosen video conferencing software can operate smoothly on many different platforms.


Government, Education and Social Purpose Organisations

Government, education and social purpose organisations are finding interesting and innovative ways to use video conferencing that open up new avenues of opportunity.

For instance, educators can video call a guest speaker from far away, giving students face time with experts, authors and speakers from around the world. Social purpose organisations can communicate better with like-minded organisations, forming coalitions and working toward joint solutions to problems in the community. 

Education and social purpose organisations often operate on tight budgets, which is one of the reasons that video conferencing is playing a growing role in these sectors. Foreign language students can practice their budding skills with native speakers in another country. Government officials and employees can easily speak with their counterparts in other areas. Social purpose organisation staff can stay connected as they travel.

Government, education and social purpose organisations may have regulatory and compliance requirements they need to follow. Check with relevant statutes regarding privacy and security for software programs used in these industries.

Implementing Video Conferencing and Training Staff