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Why CommuniCloud®

Managed cyber security that protects your biggest asset; users



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CommuniCloud Security Solutions

At CommuniCloud, what sets us apart is our holistic and robust protection strategies to fight back against a new decade of threats. We are the leaders in providing a fast and comprehensive onboarding process, with a dedicated Cyber Security team of elite experts and Australian-based security operations centres. We only work with best of breed partners to offer a formidable multi-layered defence, combined with best deployment practices to ensure that your organisation is protected quickly, securely and cost-effectively. We pride ourselves on developing trusting and sustained relationships, by providing industry-leading cyber security services alongside dedicated support.

We take care of complex deployments, so you can get on with running your business.


Our Strategic Approach

Targeted Multi-Layered Defence

We only use industry-leading technology and apply the Essential Eight mitigation strategies across all solutions deployed and supported in our Australian Cyber Security Centre. A multilayered defence protects a system against attacks using a series of different mechanisms; if one method fails, the remaining mechanisms are in place to thwart an attack. Implementing the Essential Eight proactively can be more effective in terms of time, cost and effort than having to respond to a large-scale cyber security incident. From multi-factor authentication to application whitelisting, we work to ensure the core of your organisation is as impenetrable as the layers of a fortress.

Australian Based 2 x SOC

Security Operations Centres are vital to an organisation’s protection, by coordinating and implementing it's cyber security strategy. We manage teams of highly skilled cyber security experts on our own shores, to monitor threats collaboratively and cost-effectively. With a centralised security knowledge base and access to the latest threat monitoring and detection tools, response times to potential threats to your organisation are greatly diminished.

We provide managed SOC services and reporting to understand potential attacks you may receive and those that CommuniCloud has helped to eliminate.

Vibrant Ecosystem of Partners and Engineers

CommuniCloud only collaborates with the best of breed partners, such as Cisco, Palo Alto, and Jazz Networks, Agari, Splunk, SentinelOne, British Telecom, EventTraker and more.

We’re dedicated to finding the right product or solution for your business without being driven by a particular vendor.

Your Cyber Security Team

Let CommuniCloud’s Expert Security Team act as your trusted security advisor.  Unlike some of our peers, CommuniCloud provides Australian based technical support, so you always have direct access to our team by phone, email or in person.

  • All CommuniCloud cyber security products are supported by our Expert Security Team.
  • By your side on all projects, big or small.
  • Whatever your role in the organisation, we speak your language.
  • Don’t have your own IT team infrastructure just yet? We can take care of everything.
Fast and Unique Onboarding Process

Our team of experts will work with you to organise an onboarding schedule that is convenient, and answer any additional questions you may have beforehand. The onboarding session is designed to educate your organisation about cybersecurity, privacy and data theft, throughout which you will actively participate. Your CommuniCloud team of experts will guide you through all onboarding activities, with continued education support in the form of monthly newsletters, periodic threat alerts, webinars, and direct communications.

Best Practice Deployment Process

Software deployment services reduce the time it takes to protect your network, and make the process error-free. Software is easily controlled and managed through deployment, and additional security protocols can be applied to mission-critical or sensitive tasks. A range of installation options can be used for rapid deployments. We make sure we provide best-practice deployment by industry experts, including our Free managed trials*.

  • Product specialisation
  • Ongoing management
  • Optimise as the threat evolves
  • Implement updates and communicate
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Glenn M at Cyber Security Presentation


Security and support you can trust.


Visibility is key

The first step in the cyber security lifecycle is to identify risks and vulnerabilities, and then create an effective action plan.

To develop an effective action plan, you’ll need the full picture. CommuniCloud offers multiple solutions to help identify your risks, as well as services that leverage internal and external intelligence to enhance context and enrich threat management.


Create a culture of resilience

Safeguard against threats by using the appropriate solutions to protect your applications and data.

Implementing CommuniCloud security and resiliency solutions can help you disrupt malware and exploits, automatically discover and patch system vulnerabilities, and adopt a Zero Trust network policy to ensure cyber resilience.


From reactive to proactive

Quickly find any changes to system configurations by utilising advanced analytics to detect incoming threats.

Armed with advanced threat analysis, network monitoring and incident response technology from CommuniCloud, you’ll be able to detect and neutralise external and internal threats across your enterprise.


Fast, laser-focused incident response with intelligent orchestration

Resolve unauthorised changes to configurations and data by responding with industry leading intelligence and cyber incident teams.

This phase is focused on how to engage cyber attackers by leveraging network resources and threat intelligence. This allows you to remediate the damage quickly and bring your business back to full operational capacity.


Recover access to critical data and applications

Ensure your organisation can rapidly resume operations, by restoring business business-critical applications and data.

Recovery plans must be focused on quick rebuilding of mission-critical business applications and restoration of data. CommuniCloud experts can help your company prioritise the appropriate resources to speed recovery.

Relationship driven business – we work with you!


24/7 support options

We provide personalised customer service with a dedicated project manager, and support staff who are always accessible and personally responsible for each client with available support options 24/7.

experience 2

8 + yr experience in Cloud, Hybrid & On-premise solutions

Work closely with a team of proven security experts to identify risks, uncover gaps and prioritise your resources.


From a family of consultative experts

CommuniCloud’s business is built on relationships. In a world of constantly evolving threats, the best defence is an alliance based on trust, strength in numbers and right experience.


Free on-boarding process*

We provide a full on-boarding process, so that when you purchase a cybersecurity product from us, we support you across the entire set up process. From deployment of the software, to providing a proof of concept and walking customers through a setup process.


End-to-end partner

Securely connect employees and customers with fully managed cyber protection from CommuniCloud, freeing up your IT resources to focus on business at hand. 

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Total integrations

Integrate with existing tools and feeds to extend protection and enrich your incident response data. Integrate your new security controls with preceding technology and with existing controls.


Use cases

"CommuniCloud, through their Video solution, has provided us with a cost effective, user friendly and stable platform to help support our Unified Communications aspirations and cater for our unique needs".

Heinrich Kukkuk


"We had to increase our video meetings capacity, CommuniCloud was instrumental in helping us do this, with a managed bridging service delivered securely within our infrastructure".

Ian Mackintosh


"Working with the staff at CommuniCloud is always a pleasure. They helped us with security that we never had, also did a vulnerability assessment. We are more secure because of the work they do for us".

Katherine Stone


Take advantage of the 30-Day Free insider threat assessment now

Current or former staff, contractor, or trusted business partner can cause major security issues and threaten a company’s brand and reputation. Understand employee behaviour from Day 1 with CommuniCloud. Request a Free Cyber Security Insider threat assessment now.



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