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The CommuniCloud Difference

We simplify what is complicated.

Our services remove the headache of navigating and understanding complex security solutions. When it comes to securing your business we take care of everything.

Best of all? We’re based right here in Australia, we’re a quick call away, not a time zone away.

Cyber Security

We simplify what is complicated. Our Managed Services remove the headache of navigating and understanding complex security solutions.

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We work with you to understand your requirements and find the right solution to seamlessly connect, communicate, and collaborate, from anywhere on any device.

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Our specialist team will assess and design a robust, fully redundant and intelligent network solution tailored to your unique business needs.

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Optimise your network with a Secure Ecosystem

CommuniClouds Security Solutions protects users everywhere.

DNS and Firewall Protection
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Endpoint Management
Phishing and Social Engineering Prevention
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Endpoint Behavioural Analysis and Threat Detection
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Endpoint Security
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Advanced Data Analysis
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Australian Based SOC
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Security Awareness and Education

See why top companies choose CommuniCloud


Hans Geuens


Medical service

"We really need Jazz (Ava Reveal) for ensuring we are compliant in each country our radiologist operates in."


Tyler Warren


Logistics real estate leader

“We appreciated the fact Umbrella is the first layer to block malicious activity.”

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Cyber Security
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Cyber Security and Managed Services Provider in Australia

With a comprehensive cyber security solution from CommuniCloud, you can protect your entire corporate network. From your head office servers to your sales team’s mobile devices, we can provide you with a solution that ensures every component of your IT network is safe and secure.

Hassle-free cyber security in Australia

Cyber security threats are becoming more sophisticated and the only appropriate response is to implement equally sophisticated security measures to protect your IT assets. However, not every SME or large enterprise has the in-house expertise to implement a complex cyber security strategy or the desire to manage a highly sophisticated system. 

Turnkey cyber security solutions

For clients who would like a turnkey solution that doesn’t require them to spend hours configuring various aspects of their cyber security system or performing numerous updates, we offer managed security services — familiarising ourselves with your IT infrastructure, discussing your needs in detail and then implementing a managed system that meets your requirements in full. With solutions such as Secure Endpoint, your entire system will be protected and you won’t have to worry about future maintenance or updates.

Educating your employees on the importance of cyber security 

As one of the leading cyber security companies in Australia, we are focused on providing solutions that cover every potential risk factor in our clients’ organisations and one of the biggest risks many companies fail to address is that of security education

We can provide your company with the tools it needs to monitor employee behaviour and educate individual staff members on the risks they need to be aware of. Covering everything from the basic questions, such as ‘what is cyber security?’, all the way up to advanced decision making when faced with a security breach — we’ll make sure your team is ready to deal with any and all threats. For more information on the raft of cyber security services we provide and how we can help your business stay safe please contact us.