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Cyber Security is at our core

When it comes to keeping information & data secure, businesses can rely on CommuniCloud. We are ISO 27001 certified.

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Cyber Security Solutions

CommuniCloud is partnering with industry-leading vendors such as Cisco, Ava, Agari, InfoTrust, and Splunk to create a Cyber Security Ecosystem of both technology and professional services. Technology alone will not solve every Cyber Security challenge.

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Cloud Security

CommuniCloud offers flexible, cloud-delivered security when and how you need it. It combines multiple security functions into one solution, so you can extend protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere.

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Managed Cyber Security Services

Let CommuniCloud’s Expert Security Team act as your trusted security advisor.  Unlike some of our peers, CommuniCloud provides Australian based technical support; covering the world, so you will always have direct access to our team by phone, email or in person.

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CommuniCloud Video

CommuniCloud helps companies, governments and educators save time and reduce costs with customer centred solutions, blended with high-quality industry leading video solutions.

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Hosted IP Telephony

Today’s professionals use video, audio, messaging and a host of apps to keep in touch with teams, clients and networks.

Networking & Internet

Monitor all sites and see what links are up and down. View all connected devices and applications and make changes from a single, intuitive, management interface.

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Why us? 

At CommuniCloud, what sets us apart is our holistic and robust protection strategies to fight back against a new decade of threats. We are the leaders in providing a fast and comprehensive onboarding process, with a dedicated Cyber Security team of elite experts and Australian-based security operations centres.

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Active industry memberships and forum attendees
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Optimise your network with a Secure Ecosystem

Here are just a few reasons why 96% of our clients surveyed would recommend CommuniCloud to other companies.

DNS and Firewall Protection
Bring your network traffic knowledge together with your Cyber Security into one easy to manage solution. CommuniCloud recommends you integrate Meraki APs with Cisco Umbrella. Umbrella is the industry’s first secure internet gateway, a cloud-delivered first line of defence against threats like malware, ransomware, and phishing. Umbrella enforces security at the DNS layer by identifying requested web domains hosting nasty stuff and block end user access to them.
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Endpoint Management 
CommuniCloud leverages SentinelOne’s single agent technology for a complete advanced security endpoint management system. We offer a range of services to protect your endpoints such as; patch management, SOC monitoring and remediation services. CommuniCloud’s SOC is powered by SentinelOne which uses a Static AI engine to provide pre-execution protection. The Static AI engine replaces traditional signatures and obviates recurring scans that kill end-user productivity. Get a complete endpoint solution for threat monitoring, detection and remediation--all supported by an experienced 24/7 SOC service.
Phishing and Social Engineering Prevention
Are phishing attacks becoming more prevalent in your organisation? Are you finding it harder to stop your users from being enticed by targeted spear phishing? Don’t throw out your existing SEG enhance it with the addition of Agari. Agari models good email and sender behaviour as opposed to recognizing the “digital signature” of an attack. Protect MS Exchange and Office 365 against advanced email attacks. Remove the Blindspot for you SEG.
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Endpoint Behavioural Analysis and Threat Detection
See, Understand and Act are the foundation of the insider threat detection solution from Ava Reveal. CommuniCloud in partnership with Ava can offer both a standalone solution or a fully managed platform. Ava and CommuniCloud offer End-to-end security at the process, application and container level. Verified by machine learning to eliminate shortage of time and people. Get proactive in your Cyber Security solution before defence is your only strategy.
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IOT Device Protection
CommuniCloud combines the power of Splunk IOT with Ava Reveal behavioural analysis to produce the best environment for monitoring and detection of potential threats. Now IOT devices can communicate with each other to make local decisions it is important to monitor these interactions in much the same way as human interactions. Spot the unusual behaviour before a breach occurs.
Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security
You need to be able to see and secure your whole network at once — you can’t rely on prevention alone. See how our CommuniCloud and Cisco endpoint security can work to provide the rapid malware detection you need. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints gives you a detailed assessment to find, stop and remove malicious content.

See why top companies choose CommuniCloud

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Medical service

"We really need Jazz (Ava Reveal) for ensuring we are compliant in each country our radiologist operates in."

Ava case study

Hans Geuens

IT Director and co-founder, direct diagnostic alliance 



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Logistics real estate leader

“We appreciated the fact Umbrella is the first layer to block malicious activity.”

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Tyler Warren

Senior Security Architect Prologis




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