Assessing Cyber Hygiene with Ava Reveal

Prevent data loss while mitigating insider risk

Strengthen your defence against all insider risks–whether it’s malicious, negligent, or accidental to protect your employees and data.


Insiders account for the costliest data breaches

Companies tend to focus on the mitigation of malicious outsiders when their own employees pose the greatest financial threat.


Human error is the leading cause of data breaches

There are various ways employees unintentionally put their organisation at risk, including browsing risky websites, downloading malicious files, accessing confidential data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, or inserting USB sticks containing malware.


Ava Reveal is an insider risk detection & response solution designed with human behaviour in mind.

  • From non-malicious to malicious
  • From unintentional to intentional
  • From the average employee to the tech-savvy IT professional attempting to avoid security controls

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