CommuniCloud has partnered with industry leading vendor Ava Security, to create a Cyber Security Ecosystem of both technology and professional services. Technology alone will not solve every Cyber Security challenge. Professional services from CommuniCloud empower an organisation to address the challenge of a Cyber Security threat. From the initial stages of protection through to advanced […]

CommuniCloud and Ava Reveal will be hosting a free webinar on Securing the Remote Workforce from Insider Risk. Join us and learn about how we are enabling businesses to run during a global pandemic without compromising security. We will draw on examples of Australian businesses who fell victim to the effects of ignoring the importance

Ransomware is one of the greatest security concerns ever to exist, it can strike at any time — even on the most seemingly resilient of systems. All it takes is one wayward click combined with inadequate security controls to lock down your network and potentially lose critical business information.

ISO 27001 reinforcing CommuniCloud takes security seriously with our commitment to protecting your data. On 10th September 2020, CommuniCloud officially achieved ISO/IEC 27001 Certification, the international standard on Information Security Management. By attaining this highly regarded standard, CommuniCloud has demonstrated that security is of the utmost importance and forms the core of its business, specifically with the provision of

Despite the current global pandemic, a number of instances across the globe have proven that cyber attackers are taking no time off, and are instead taking full advantage of our new, chaotic world. The Czech Republic saw a cyberattack that halted urgent surgeries, while also re-routing patients in a busy hospital fighting COVID-19. A food

CommuniCloud and Jazz Networks will be delivering a free webinar next month to help our clients understand how to build an insider threat program that detects issues and puts in protection measures.

How well do you know the insider threat? Current or former staff, contractors, suppliers, or a trusted business partner, who has or has had authorised access to the organisation’s assets can cause major security problems that threaten a company’s brand and reputation. Measure your knowledge of stolen secrets, data breaches espionage, fraud and network sabotage.

Employing user behaviour analytics to detect internal threats. Machine learning and AI are the latest tools being utilised by businesses to help prevent cybercrime and stop cyberattacks. However, what if these same tools could be used to help stop insider threats such as employees leaking or misusing company data? TechRadar Pro spoke with Jazz Networks’ CEO Hani Mustafa who

Our CommuniCloud Managing Director, Glenn Makowski, was invited to share his knowledge at the 2019 Olive Conference and Trade Exhibition at Albury Entertainment Centre.   Taking place over the 17th to 19th of October, the industry event allowed Glenn to put forward the goings on at CommuniCloud, where we have begun to include cyber-security options as

Implementing an ISO27001 compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be an intimidating task, especially if one has no prior knowledge of the Standard. An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing risks related to valuable information assets (organisation information) to ensure it remains secure. This approach includes people, processes and systems. An ISMS preserves the confidentiality,