Balancing Security and Budget: A Non-For-Profit’s Struggle with Network Management

case cancva

Recently a new client and The CIO for a not-for-profit were faced with a common problem. Overburdened by their daily tasks and project deadlines, the CIO and IT Team struggled to find time for proactive network monitoring, a critical step in cybersecurity.  Adding staff wasn't an option due to budget constraints. Outsourcing firewall management, another time-consuming task, seemed appealing, but he worried about losing control of company devices.


  • Maintaining a comprehensive cybersecurity posture is increasingly difficult for our lean IT team. The evolving threat landscape necessitates constant vigilance and specialized expertise.
  • Ensuring compliance with a growing number of complex regulations presents a significant challenge. Failure to comply could result in substantial fines and reputational damage.
  • Financial constraints often limit our ability to hire dedicated cybersecurity personnel. The cost of security tools and ongoing maintenance can be prohibitive.
  • Developing a robust incident response plan requires resources and expertise we may not possess internally. A successful cyberattack could disrupt operations and compromise sensitive data.
  • Mitigating cybersecurity risks has become a top priority for our organisation. We require a solution that can effectively address these concerns without exceeding budgetary limitations.


  1. Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture:

CommuniCloud’s SOCaaS solution provides access to a team of security specialists who can continuously monitor your network for threats, 24/7. This allowed the lean IT team to focus on core tasks while confident that CommuniCloud's SOCaaS is actively identifying and mitigating potential cybersecurity risks.

  1. Simplified Compliance Management:

CommuniCloud's SOCaaS offering includes compliance expertise and tools that aid in managing the complexities of relevant regulations. This reduced the burden on the internal team and helped ensure adherence to compliance requirements, minimising the risk of reputational damage.

  1. Cost-Effective Security Solution:

CommuniCloud's SOCaaS provides a subscription-based model, offering a cost-effective way to gain access to advanced security expertise and tools. This eliminated the need for significant upfront investments in security personnel and infrastructure, making it a financially viable option for organisations with limited resources.

  1. Streamlined Incident Response:

CommuniCloud's SOCaaS includes incident response capabilities, providing your organisation with a structured plan and expert assistance in the event of a cyberattack. This minimises disruption to operations, protects sensitive data, and allows for a swift and effective response to security incidents.

  1. Proactive Risk Mitigation:

CommuniCloud's SOCaaS employs a proactive approach to cybersecurity, identifying and addressing potential threats before they can escalate into major incidents.

This comprehensive approach helps to mitigate risks and safeguard your organisation's critical data and systems.