CommuniCloud and Tasmanian Department of Health: Just what the doctor ordered

“Working with CommuniCloud has increased our capacity and services without an increase in costs.” John Pankiw, Manager IS Client Services.


The Tasmanian Government Department of Health promotes and protects the health and wellbeing of all 515,000 Tasmanians. Yep, it’s a big task. To achieve this, the Department of Health (DOH) employs over 15,000 people, making it the largest department of all the Tasmanian Government agencies.

The responsibilities of the DOH include hospitals, ambulances, public housing, primary health and a whole host of related areas. In short, it’s a huge operation, spanning the whole of the Tasmania, meaning effective communication is everything.

Over the past five years, CommuniCloud has become the DOH’s trusted video-conferencing partner, providing support and maintenance of equipment and software.

The partnership has developed a lot since it began in 2014. So, we decided to chat with John Pankiw, Manager IS Client Services at the DOH, to discuss the unique challenges he faces and the ways in which our services help him to overcome them.



John Pankiw is responsible for the implementation and support of the video-conferencing for Department of Health, including the Tasmanian Health Service and Department of communities. The Tasmanian Health Department has existed in its current form since 1993 but there were previous incarnations before that.


John’s role is to provide frontline health services staff with all the necessary communication solutions. These staff include doctors and nurses, as well as supporting hospital admin and corporate services. So, as you can imagine, there’s plenty of pressure on him to deliver. He explains that our solutions help him achieve his objectives because, “CommuniCloud provides bridging capacity to extend our existing video-conferencing infrastructure and additional services that were not available in our existing video-conferencing infrastructure, such as recording and web client.”

Prior to using CommuniCloud, John’s team used in-house products for basics such as bridging and recording. That meant that they did not have advanced features like Skype integration and web client. By engaging us, it meant increasing the life, features and capacity of an existing tool they were already using.

The big challenge for John, as is the case with many public sector organisations, was limited budget. This is why CommuniCloud was so appealing to him. Without us, John would’ve been forced to “find additional capital or be left with limited existing services and no new features”.





Back in 2014 John was at a crossroads. He needed a new video-conferencing solution for the DOH, one with great functionality and exceptional customer service. However, after looking at possible solutions from his existing suppliers, he realised he needed to look further afield.

John’s criteria included, “H.323 and SIP integration, the ability to deliver locally based infrastructure and integration with our existing equipment.”

After exploring numerous cloud and on-premise video-conferencing providers, John and the DOH decided we were the right fit for them. When we asked why, he stated simply, “you were the only company that responded with services that met all our requirements”. Which is always nice to hear.


Why CommuniCloud?

Our relationship with John and the DOH has continued to grow, with John explaining that it’s our “flexibility of solution and prices” that makes us such a great fit.

From a product and service perspective, John says, “it’s the ability to co-locate with our existing infrastructure” which has been of paramount importance. Instead of having to oversee an entire overhaul, our solutions work with legacy systems, making them far more scalable and cost-effective.

In fact, implementing our video-conferencing solutions was both safe and simple. This is largely down to the fact that the services and infrastructure all stay in Tasmania. This makes our solution far more secure and safer than other providers who have their services based in the US.

What’s more, at CommuniCloud, we keep all our support and security within Australia. This makes us perfect for a large organisation such as the Tasmanian DOH, who have masses of sensitive data and unique service requirements. Better still, our solution took just eight weeks to implement.



The DOH has experienced numerous benefits since they began working with us. John stating that, “access for external doctors to our internal video-conferencing has led to improved patient outcomes.” Which is probably the best feedback we could ever receive.  

More broadly, our video-conferencing services have been embraced by medical staff, now forming a critical role in many parts of the DOH. That’s not all. It’s also proven cost-effective, John revealing that our solution has, “provided increased capacity and services without an increase in costs. Our clients and medical professionals have saved money.”


Here at CommuniCloud, we pride ourselves on our expertise and levels of customer service. Which is something John and the DOH appreciate too, ‘It’s great having helpful technical expertise available, always there to share knowledge.”

When asked if he would recommend our services, John replies, “Yes, the CommuniCloud solution does what it says it can, it’s well supported and cost-effective.”

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