Webex Workspaces

Light up your meeting rooms with devices designed for the way you work.

What are Workspaces?


Designed for the way you work
Webex Devices help your team communicate clearly and create together in real time. It's team collaboration without interruption, just inspiration.

Cut down on the clutter.
Simplify the meeting room. Webex Board replaces your video screens, whiteboards, phones, cameras, and microphones. Go hands-free with Webex Assistant and start a meeting, invite contacts, share content, record, and more – all with your voice.

Sketch, edit, or co-edit in real-time.
Sketch directly on the digital whiteboard or use the pen. You can edit drawings shared by anyone in the space—even co-editing with remote participants.

Stored right where it was created.
Everything you share and create is kept in the same space where you communicate with your team. That way, you have all of the information in one place.

Everything works together

Webex Devices work together with Webex Meetings, Teams and Calling to give you the best possible meeting and team collaboration experiences. Everything’s compatible. Everything just works.

webex whiteboard

You are the remote

Control your video system from any device by using the webex app.

Auto-save is always on

Everything you draw on the Webex Board is saved to your Webex Teams Space automatically.

Already cloud ready

All video systems connect to the cloud. Whether your technology is on-site or transitioning, everything is compatible and connected.

Match the device to the space

No two organisations are the same, and the same goes for the way they meet, collaborate and the spaces they use.  Get the most out of your meeting spaces and match the space with the right type of device and the way you work.


Huddle room less than 4 usersThe “Huddle Room” are retreats from an open workspace for a private, collaborative face-to-face conversation. These devices are idea for single users in their office up to small groups of users working together and including remote participants

> Webex Desk pro
SMALL ROOM (4-12 People)
> Room Kit Mini
> Room Kit
> Webex Board
LARGE ROOM (10+ People)
> Room Kit Plus
> Room 55
> Room 70

Why Webex Workspaces?

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Why CommuniCloud?

Since 2011, we have been empowering small, medium and large enterprises. Our Managed Services removes the headache of navigating and understanding complex solutions. We take care of everything with predictable "as-a-Service" Pricing. We bring an end to unpleasant surprises and hidden charges.

24x7 Monitoring

All managed services include our 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting service with access to our advanced SOC & SIEM.

Data Sovereignty

Our security services we are ISO 27001 certified, and our SIEM & Management platforms are all Australian based. 

Superior Support

Our team are trained to the highest level  including CISSP, HCISSP CompTIA, CREST, and GSE.

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