Accelerate Your Sales Process With Video Conferencing

What happens when you speed up your sales process? Your bottom line benefits and your company can capitalise on positive momentum. In this post, we’ll look at six ways video conferencing can accelerate your sales process.


1. Create More Effective Presentations

Video conferencing is a powerful tool for creating impactful presentations and demonstrations because potential customers can see how your product can help them to achieve their goals, and they see this demonstration in real time.

Most customers these days want a hands-on buying experience. Instead of reading a product description in a catalogue, they want to see that product in action, and even more importantly, they want to see how the product will work for them in their own, unique situations.

Video conferencing is an extremely effective tool for doing just that. You can discuss and illustrate ideas, share your screen, create a positive appearance with your professional presentation and establish a personable working relationship.


2. Gauge Interest More Effectively

When you’re making sales calls over the phone, you can hear the prospect’s voice, but you can’t see his or her body language. With video conferencing discussions, it’s much easier to read the person on the other end of the conversation, and this gives you a distinct advantage over those who are still using the telephone. 

If you notice that your prospect seems uncomfortable during a certain phase of your presentation, you can ask follow-up questions to resolve concerns before continuing with your demonstration.


3. Always Be Available

With video conferencing, you can make sure that someone from your sales team is always available to talk with prospects and answer their questions. This availability not only speeds up the sales process, but it also gives your customers a sense of security: you’re there when they need you.

Also, when you always have someone available via video conferencing, you’re there at the moment when your prospects are ready to buy. This gives you a huge advantage over competitors that are difficult to reach.


4. Lower Your Collaboration Costs

Coordination amongst your sales team leads to improved sales, and with video conferencing, it’s easier to get everyone together. Instead of trying to assemble a face-to-face meeting at the office or some other location, simply set times for meetings, and your sales team members can tune in from wherever they are.

Do you have team members travelling or attending conferences? No problem. They can still participate in meetings as if they were sitting right there across the conference table. With more frequent collaboration, your sales team will work like a well-oiled machine.


5. Repurpose Your Marketing Materials

Creating presentations and videos can be expensive and time-consuming, but with video conferencing, you can repurpose these marketing assets and use them with individual customers.

With a file of all of your marketing materials on your computer, you can reach for any of your videos or presentations as the opportunity presents itself during conversations with prospects. Video conferencing allows you to use multimedia presentations in a way that is difficult to do with other communication methods.


6. Get Your New Sales Reps Up to Speed

Onboarding your new salespeople requires the time and attention of other members of your team, and this process can slow down your sales process significantly. Some companies have found great success in using video conferencing to get their new sales reps up to speed more quickly.

For example, your top salespeople can record their conference calls with clients, and new reps can watch these calls as examples of the way they should interact with prospects. By analysing your company’s most successful sales meetings, your new hires will quickly start making their own sales and contributing fully to the team. 

As you can see, video conferencing is a powerful tool for accelerating your sales process. For more information about CommuniCloud video conferencing, get in touch with us or get your own 30-day free trial.




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