Video Conferencing

Use meeting room solutions to join meetings on any platform. COVID-19 was a catalyst that changed our collaboration landscape forever. Whereas business travel and open office spaces were once the norm, today, we face a new reality, and one that is continually evolving. In the wake of stay-at-home orders, several shifts have taken hold:

CommuniCloud and video-communications provider Pexip, have become Telehealth Tasmania’s trusted video communication partners. This is built on a partnership that CommuniCloud has developed since 2014 with the department of Health Tasmania; providing a number of bridging services and support services.

We are excited to announce the first feature in our next generation meeting experience – Adaptive Composition.  Adaptive Composition uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a richer meeting experience, empowering people to be seen and to engage with each other in a better way.  We’re sure your customers are going to be blown away by

Video conferencing presents countless opportunities to businesses. Whether it’s engaging remote workers, collaborating across departments and locations, interviewing job candidates or managing suppliers, the technology is efficient, cost-effective and scalable. 

Digital Transformation (n): The integration of digital technology into every area of a business; it fundamentally changes the way organisations operate and deliver value to customers.

Future growth is always on your mind as a business owner or manager, and the way you handle your information technology can either help or hinder that growth. As business culture changes according to customer demand and employee needs, you’ll need to be able to scale up and down, add new applications and subtract old

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages the IT needs of other companies. They’re generally used by small- to medium-sized businesses that find it difficult to justify the hiring of an in-house IT department or who would like the expertise of a company that is completely focused on information technology.

What happens when you speed up your sales process? Your bottom line benefits and your company can capitalise on positive momentum. In this post, we’ll look at six ways video conferencing can accelerate your sales process.

Thanks to video conferencing technology, today’s classrooms can extend far beyond their physical walls to include classrooms in other countries, remote field trip locations and the offices or homes of authors and other experts.