CommuniCloud and Nallawilli Group Announce Partnership

Nallawilli Group and CommuniCloud are excited to announce their joint venture to deliver a world-class cyber security solutions.

Powerful partnerships can achieve great things, for several years CommuniCloud and Nallawilli Group have worked together professionally and to give back to our First Nation people.

Today, CommuniCloud is excited to announce the new joint venture with Nallawilli Group to deliver world-class cyber security solutions. Cyber threats are continuing to rise and become more sophisticated, and with this comes, the need to build our cyber security workforce and defences.  As part of the joint venture, CommuniCloud and Nallawilli will be working together to upskill First Nation people in the cyber security space from helpdesk technicians to security specialists.

We are a young and dynamic company and thrilled to commence a new joint venture with CommuniCloud. Together we will continue to fulfil our mission with providing high-quality products and services for our customers and partners while improving the quality of life and influence real outcomes for First Nation people, communities and businesses.” – Scott Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Business Transformation & Governance, Nallawilli. 

100% Australian owned and operated CommuniCloud is committed to creating more jobs within Australia while supporting the Nallawilli Foundation.  The Cyber Security Team have already commenced training and upskilling First Nation employees to become cyber security specialists who will, in turn, share their knowledge and experience throughout the community.  

At CommuniCloud, we are committed to giving back, and this is truly an incredible opportunity to provide cyber security and protection that is 100% Australian owned and operated. Globally, cyber specialists are one of the fastest-growing occupations in response to the exponential increase in risk associated with cyber security attacks. Partnering with Nallawilli presents us with an exciting opportunity to increase the number of cyber security specialists within Australia while providing employment opportunities for our First Nation people” – Glenn Makowski, Managing Director CommuniCloud.

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