Important Security Alert: Critical Vulnerability in Fortinet’s FortiClient EMS

Security Alert Forti

This message is to inform you about a critical security vulnerability in Fortinet's FortiClient EMS software. The vulnerability is rated 9.8, indicating a severe risk. It exposes systems to potential SQL injection attacks.

Summary of the Vulnerability

CVE-2023-48788 is a critical SQL injection vulnerability discovered in Fortinet devices, potentially enabling remote attackers to execute commands or arbitrary code through specially crafted requests. The potential for in-the-wild attacks is high due to prior targeting of Fortinet devices and the expected release of a proof-of-concept exploit.

Details of the Vulnerability

The vulnerability, CVE-2023-48788, exposes Fortinet devices to SQL injection attacks, allowing attackers to manipulate databases and execute unauthorised commands remotely. Fortinet devices have a history of being targeted by threat actors, with notable flaws like CVE-2023-27997 and CVE-2022-40684 observed in the past. Exploitation of vulnerabilities in Fortinet devices has attracted the attention of nation-state threat actors and ransomware groups.

How It Can Affect Your Organisation

If exploited, CVE-2023-48788 could lead to unauthorised access to sensitive data, system compromise, and potential disruption of operations. Given the history of abuse of Fortinet vulnerabilities and the likelihood of in-the-wild exploitation, organisations using Fortinet devices are at risk of cyber-attacks. Immediate remediation is crucial to prevent potential security breaches.

Remediation Steps

Fortinet has released patches for CVE-2023-48788 and should be applied promptly to mitigate the risk of exploitation. Additionally, monitoring for suspicious activities and implementing robust security measures can help detect and prevent attacks targeting Fortinet devices. Stay informed about emerging threats and promptly apply security updates to safeguard your networks and data.