Introduction to build an insider threat program by CommuniCloud & Jazz Networks

CommuniCloud and Jazz Networks will be delivering a free webinar next month to help our clients understand how to build an insider threat program that detects issues and puts in protection measures.

The webinar is taking place on Wednesday the 4th of March from 10-11AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

You can register here to start building your understanding of insider threats.



About the webinar

Jazz Networks, are a U.S.-based cyber security company that endeavours to protect your people, data, and reputation.


The Jazz Platform offers the deepest possible visibility and immediate end-to-end protection of your organisation’s kill chain.


Originally founded in 2016 in Oslo, with London and New York offices opening the following year, Jazz Networks were quick to go about proving the superiority of their platform.


After two years of development they won the US Cyber Command competition against a number of well-versed and successful cyber security vendors and firms.


They are the perfect collaborator for CommuniCloud, as cyber security is integral to what we offer our customers.


What are insider threats?


An insider threat is an internal data breach that can cause damage to your brand and reputation. While it is not always malicious, it is important to be aware of.


In fact, insider threats fall under a range of categories. These include accidental, negligent, malicious and financial-seeking, with the differentiator coming down to whether the breach is intentional or not.


If you’re wondering how you can possibly create an insider threat program that covers such a wide array of scenarios, CommuniCloud and Jazz Networks are committed to helping you learn to protect against all kinds.


According to a 2019 Data Breach Report by Verizon, 34% of data breaches were caused by insiders. This most recent figure showed a 9% increase in two years.


This figure is expected to rise each year with changes to the technological landscape allowing users to become more advanced.


System administrators are often the most likely employees to cause an insider threat with malicious intent, as they have the knowledge, skill and access privileges to do the most damage to an IT network.


However, insider threats could be caused by current or former staff, contractors or suppliers, or even a trusted business partner.


Anybody who has had authorised access to your organisation’s assets could be considered a risk for an insider threat.

Our Speakers


Our speakers, Chris Denbigh-White and Neena George, both of Jazz Networks, are incredibly well-versed in cyber security and insider threats.


Chris is a former police and intelligence officer, and has worked in defence for the public and private sectors. He now works with Jazz as a Security Analyst, but also contributes to the advisory board of the SANS Institute, another US company specialising in information security and cyber security training.


Neena George, is a professional in the cyber security industry who is constantly assessing and building products to meet the ever-evolving threat and technological landscape. She is a product manager at Jazz, where she works on the front line to understand and solve the cybersecurity challenges of her customers.


Under Neena and Chris’s guidance, you will learn why you need an insider threat program based on the damage insider threats can cause, as well as what resources building such a program will require. Using these resources, you will learn to build the program from scratch.


They will also provide information on who needs to be a part of the cross-functional team involved with the program.


With Chris and Neena’s combined knowledge, you can expect to leave this webinar with a greater understanding of insider threats and the best ways to address them.


You can test your knowledge of insider threats beforehand with our handy quiz.


Come to our Webinar!

We invite you to come and build up your knowledge of Insider Threats and how to protect your data from them at our webinar. It will take place on Thursday the 4th of March from 10-11AM Australian Eastern Standard Time. Register here so we can expect you.


You can test your knowledge of insider threats beforehand with our handy quiz.


We’ll see you there!





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