Powering Unified Communiciations with Webex

Today we have so many ways of communicating that it’s possible to talk with virtually anyone around the world in real-time, and yet, for many businesses, communication seems like a tangled web of complexity. You may have to go searching through texts, IMs, emails and voicemails just to find the conversation you need to reference.

What’s the solution to this problem? Businesses need a way to unify and simplify their communications while still taking advantage of today’s innovative and low-cost methods of staying in touch.


Unified Collaboration

Unified collaboration takes various communication methods such as video, audio, virtual whiteboards and texts and unifies them in a single interface. By unifying all of these methods, users can use the best aspects of each as they collaborate, meet and work together on projects.

One of the greatest benefits of unified collaboration is that users can focus all of their attention on the topic at hand instead of spending their efforts on operating the various pieces of software necessary for modern communication.


Webex Family of Products

The Webex family of unified communication products connects voice, video content and applications with one reliable experience. In this post, we’ll look at these products and how they can improve your organisation’s collaboration.


Webex Meetings

Hold meetings with people wherever they are: at the office, at home, on the road or somewhere else. With this product, you can either meet right now or schedule ahead using Outlook. Users don’t need passcodes to enter a meeting, and they don’t need to dial in. You can record your meetings and use the whiteboard. Everything you need is coordinated in one easy-to-use interface.

Webex Meetings can also be used for online learning, hosting webinars, webcasting and training employees in other locations. You may be surprised at the many ways you find to use this product in your company’s daily operations.


Webex Teams

Instead of using email for announcements, messaging for conversations, and another app for your online meetings, why not take care of all of your business communication in one place? With Webex Teams, you can hold your team conversations, meetings and files in one easy-to-use app.

Cisco Webex Teams also includes a whiteboarding feature because sometimes it’s easier to sketch a concept than to explain it. You can draw directly on your phone or other device and then share your interactive drawing in chat.  

All of your Webex communications are secured by end-to-end encryption. Your searches are encrypted as well, so you can still search all the data in your team’s content while making sure your search terms and results are safe from hackers (and anyone else).




Webex Calling

Shed your maintenance-heavy telephone infrastructure and upgrade to versatile IP calling for your business. With Webex Calling, you can make and receive calls from a variety of Cisco IP phones that fit the individual needs of everyone on your team, including those who work from home.

Enjoy high-definition video calling right from your office phone, and take advantage of versatile features, including the following:

  • Shared lines
  • Hunt groups
  • Resume
  • Pickup
  • Forward
  • Do not disturb
  • Transfer
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Personalised voicemail for each user


Webex Devices

Perfect for collaboration, Webex Devices helps your team to create together and communicate in real time. No matter how far flung your team members are, they can mark up the same drawing as they develop plans and talk about new ideas.

Always ready, video systems automatically wake up when you enter the room. The Cisco Touch 10 can even close the curtains and dim the room’s lights when you’re ready for your video conference. Webex Devices work together to improve your teamwork and put the focus on your work, not on your communication technology.



There’s no reason to change the way your team already operates. With Webex Integrations, you can schedule your Webex meetings with your Google Calendar and other productivity apps. Start your next Webex meeting directly in Slack if that’s where your team members are. If your organisation prefers to use Microsoft Teams, just add a meeting link to a message on your team



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