Calling with Webex, Built for the Next Normal

In a business world where efficiency is everything, it is comforting to know there is an all-inclusive tool out there that will be your key to scalable, secure success.


Introducing: Cisco Webex Calling by CommuniCloud

This year has seen unprecedented challenges that have impacted both our business and social lives. We’ve all had to quickly rethink and rework our workday. For most of us, this means conducting our business calls at home, without the tools and purpose-built space we’re used to in the office.

With Webex Calling, we’ve been focused on making this transition easier, while also preparing for the next normal. While you’re working from home, we’re bringing all the enterprise calling features you’re used to, right to your desktop and mobile. When it’s time to return to the office, we’re going to make that experience much safer as well.


Webex Enables a Safe Return to the Office

Whether you’re on the road, taking advantage of that new “work from anywhere” policy, in that spare bedroom that has become your command center, or returning to the office one or two days a week, connecting Cisco calling services, including Webex Calling, Unified Communications Manager, or UCM Cloud, with the Webex app allows you to collaborate better than ever from your desktop and mobile device.

Desk Phone Control and Intelligent Cisco Headsets Enable a Touchless Calling Experience


With Webex, you can control your desk phone right from your desktop. So, when you return to the office, you won’t need to pick up a shared desk phone. With Webex, you can connect and control your desk phone from your laptop and your headset. Sync your desk phone with Cisco intelligent headset devices for a completely touchless, hands-free experience.

Webex Room Phone – Touchless Join into Meetings and Conference Calls

Webex Room Phone is purpose-built to deliver room-filling HD audio with 360-degree coverage for your meetings and conference calls. Best of all, the Webex proximity join feature allows for a completely touchless experience. Use the Webex Teams app on your mobile or laptop and join with a simple click. We love hearing that many of you are taking these devices to your home offices and using them to easily get in out and out of your meetings, enhance your audio, and share things on Webex.



New Enterprise Calling Features in Webex

In addition to smart features like desk phone control, we’ve continued to pack Webex with the enterprise calling features you need, including, single number reach, with visual voicemail and advanced call forwarding to any destination. Now you can set the incoming calls to work phone to ring other numbers at the same time. If you’re going to be away from your desk, you can forward your calls to another number or right to voicemail to avoid disruptions. Making it easier to stay connected, even if you can’t be in the office.


Separate work from play. You can now add your co-workers into your Contacts list and group them however you like. Separate your business contact lists from your personal contact lists, making people easier to find when you need to chat or call. You can even look up your Outlook contacts (Windows), local address book (Mac), and local phone contacts (iPhone, iPad, and Android) from Webex Teams, so you can easily find your contacts and make a call.


A Centralised Command Center for Your Work-From-Anywhere Workforce

Webex Calling analytics provide enhanced visibility of your service.
Webex administrators can now leverage new calling analytics capabilities in Webex Control Hub to better manage, monitor, and troubleshoot their calling services from anywhere.


Media Quality Analytics

With user and call specific telemetry details, like visibility into packet loss, jitter, and latency down to a specific user, you can identify and mitigate issues and get to the root cause of a problem with minimal disruption to your team.



Engagement Analytics

New engagement analytics provide visibility into how your newly remote workforce is utilising their calling apps and devices, so you can decide how best to deploy your resources. View metrics like the number of calls and minutes by device. Data from your desk phones, desktop apps, and mobile apps are all included and visible at the individual user level.

View usage by device type with new engagement analytics in Control Hub.
Track minutes usage specific to devices you’ve deployed in Control Hub


Calling all developers, Webex is Open for business! Announcing new Webex Calling APIs

We’ve heard from many of you about your desire to add or integrate your Cisco calling services into new tools or tools you may already by using. As part of our open platform strategy, we’ve released new Webex Calling APIs to make this a reality. Today customers and partners can easily integrate calling features like Dial, Answer, Reject/Hang-up, Hold/Resume, Divert/Transfer, Park/Retrieve, Group Call Park, and Call History into your own apps, bots, and other integrations. You can also take advantage of Cisco cloud calling services right from within Slack or Microsoft Teams. Soon, you’ll be able to provision and configure Webex Calling services outside of Control Hub, using our APIs to extend provisioning capabilities to third party applications.

We love that our partners want to create rich, industry-specialised applications with Webex. Stay tuned for more exciting updates around our API story.

New-Webex-Calling-APIsNew Webex Calling APIs allow you to add calling features into your own apps, bots and other integrations.

The CommuniCloud difference

Our domestically based, fully managed service means the end of unpleasant surprises when it comes to your communications tools. We take care of everything, from troubleshooting to software updates on a schedule that suits your organisation. Don’t trouble yourselves with long-winded phone calls with an overseas helpdesk. We’re right here for you when you need us. We understand that stability is essential to your business, and delays are unacceptable. Our proactive approach to management means that we can anticipate and overcome any problems quickly and effectively to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

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