Data Loss Prevention

Ava Reveal helps defend against malicious, negligent or accidental damage to protect your employees, your customers and your data.

What is Ava Reveal?

Data is the core of what a business owns, whether intellectual property, customer lists, patient records, source code, financial statements, or others. For most organisations, your confidential data can be leaked from almost any of your user devices and servers in todays workplace.  Whether it's accidental, negligent, or even malicious behaviour that causes the breach, the end result is the same with the cost to remediate a data loss security incident being substantial and the damage to brand even worse.

Ava Reveal is a Next Generation DLP Solution to protect your organisation against data loss and ensure your organisation’s security reputation. Ava Reveal helps your team detect data exfiltration and loss at a cost-effective price point with no hidden costs, running a lightweight agent using minimal CPU that is easy to deploy and use.

Data Loss Prevention

The future of network security is in the cloud

Driven from the cloud, Ava Reveal's lightweight agent sees every process, file, IP connection, and much more, whether the device is online or offline.

Light agent with extensive capabilities

The lightweight Reveal Agent has minimal impact on employees’ productivity, advanced content inspection, policies, machine learning, and automated enforcement with efficient CPU usage.

Policy & Machine Learning

Combining these two powerful methods of detection, regardless of an employee being offline or remote. This combination analyses more user scenarios and detects more incidents–resulting in faster threat remediation.

Automated Enforcement

Constant enforcement without exception–whether they are remote or working offline. Enforcing employee adherence to corporate policies such as Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Information Security Policy (ISP) and more.

Advanced Content Inspection

Track file movement on and across systems and browsers with advanced content inspection to protect against data loss. Patterns include credit or debit card numbers, identity card numbers, insurance numbers, and more.

90% of breaches are due to human error

Human error is still the leading cause of data breaches. There are various ways employees unintentionally put their organisation at risk. Ava Reveal is designed with human behaviour in mind

  • From non-malicious to malicious
  • From unintentional to intentional
  • From the average employee to the tech-savvy IT professional attempting to avoid security controls
Insider Threat Diagram

Why Ava Reveal?

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Why CommuniCloud?

Since 2011, we have been empowering small, medium and large enterprises. Our Managed Services removes the headache of navigating and understanding complex solutions. We take care of everything with predictable "as-a-Service" Pricing. We bring an end to unpleasant surprises and hidden charges.

24x7 Monitoring

All managed services include our 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting service with access to our advanced SOC & SIEM.

Data Sovereignty

Our security services we are ISO 27001 certified, and our SIEM & Management platforms are all Australian based. 

Superior Support

Our team are trained to the highest level  including CISSP, HCISSP CompTIA, CREST, and GSE.

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