Monitoring & Alerting

CommuniCloud SOC as-a-Service turns major vulnerabilities into nothing more than predictable annoyances.

Threat Intelligence

What is SOC as-a-Service?

Every day we help organisations save on costs with our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and SIEM solution by bringing together your important security tools together in one place. When software isn’t integrated, they lose valuable time in the detection and response process. Instead of disparate solutions, using the power of AgileBlue, we provide you with a “single pane of glass” cloud-based SOC and SIEM platform.

  • Our services don’t sleep, which means that you can. Our algorithms look for malicious threats, malware, ransomware, and software vulnerabilities, but that’s just the start.
  • Our 24 x 7 x 365 promise to you includes human-based responses, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behaviour monitoring, log management, and cloud-based SIEM.


Monitor systems, applications, and workloads, whether physical or virtual, anywhere in your network and get real-time alerts on security incidents. Scale on-demand as you grow while eliminating hardware and administrative costs and consolidate and manage security and event log data while automating your compliance reporting.

95% True Positive

False positives are nothing but wasted time and money.  Why waste time and resources chasing misleading alerts and alarms when you can identify those that are true threats immediately. That’s why we have the power of the AgileBlue ‘Silencer.’ Accurate, fast, efficient.

Agile Blue SIEM Dashboard

Breach Detection

To protect your team, we become an extension of it. We don’t just flag an alert and disappear. Once the machines do their job, our people immediately step in to break down what it means and what needs to happen next. Flexible support for your most urgent security needs, and top of the line monitoring capabilities.

No jumping through hoops to talk to a real person. No ignored emails. No unanswered questions. You can reach our experts whenever you want. Really.

Breach Detection

Cyber Risk Score

Think of your Cyber Risk Score like a credit score for your cyber risk posture … with one major difference: we’ll make sure you actually know what goes into it and how to improve it. Your Cyber Risk Score is calculated by evaluating the entire landscape of your infrastructure including: Devices, Applications, Alerts, Behavioural Anomalies, best practices and CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures).

It’s crucial for companies of all sizes, in every industry to focus on monitoring, detecting, preventing and responding to today’s cyber threats. It is not the number of alerts or vulnerabilities that you measure that is important. What matters most is what those measurements say about organisations capabilities and behaviours.

Cyber Risk Score

Why SOC as-a-Service?

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Why CommuniCloud?

Since 2011, we have been empowering small, medium and large enterprises. Our Managed Services removes the headache of navigating and understanding complex solutions. We take care of everything with predictable "as-a-Service" Pricing. We bring an end to unpleasant surprises and hidden charges.

24x7 Monitoring

All managed services include our 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting service with access to our advanced SOC & SIEM.

Data Sovereignty

Our security services we are ISO 27001 certified, and our SIEM & Management platforms are all Australian based. 

Superior Support

Our team are trained to the highest level  including CISSP, HCISSP CompTIA, CREST, and GSE.

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