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The Challenge


Like it or not, your workforce is still the primary attack vector for any cyber security attack. Turn attack vectors such as phishing, social engineering, bad cyber hygiene into your first line of defence.

Traditionally, we have seen organisations offer yearly training and compliance videos on cyber security. At Communicloud, we understand this is not enough. Security cannot be an afterthought. It must be understood and be at the forefront of the employees' minds when carrying out their day-to-day tasks.

It's all good to have multiple security platforms and procedures; however, if they are not followed, users bypass them, your organisation will most likely be breached. We resolve this by giving you the tools and support to track your workforce's security posture to look for gaps and identify potential areas where you could be exploited.


Why CommuniCloud  

At CommuniCloud we understand that security is not a product or a feature, its a mindset across your business that needs to be developed and instilled across your workforce. 

  • We understand that a video once a year is not going to be front of mind to an employee who is being targeted in a latest phishing scam. 
  • We understand that not all of your workforce are equal, your senior leadership team and other key job functions will be targeted more heavily than others. 
  • And finally, we understand that every time you take an employee out of their role for training, its a loss of productivity and needs to be controlled and run efficiently.
Interactive Classroom Based Training

We run interactive virtual and classroom led training sessions designed to target the specific needs of groups or teams within your business, from finance teams to senior leadership. Strategically use the training sessions to augment your cyber security training plan.

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Video Based Training

We provide high-quality video-based cyber hygiene training for all employees broken into several topics. These are updated quarterly to account for changes in the cyber threat landscape and can be integrated with your own LMS or HR Platforms. These are recommended as a baseline training requirement and should be used to augment Classroom led training, incident-based training, webinars and adoption programs.

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Incident Based Training

With incident-based training, you can train your employees to make the right decisions on detecting unacceptable behaviour, reinforcing corporate security policies, and pushing cyber training modules around the incident detected. Achieve a lasting, impactful effect with adaptive IT security policy enforcement.

Prevent accidental security breaches

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