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The future of network security is in the cloud

With multiple security functions integrated into a single cloud security service you have the flexibility to secure direct-to-internet access, cloud app usage and remote workers. 

DNS-Layer Security

The first line of defence against threats is at the DNS and IP Layers.  With Cisco SIG requests to malicious and unwanted destinations are blocked before a connection is established.

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Secure Web Gateway

Cisco SIG includes a full cloud-based proxy allowing you to inspect all internet traffic for greater transparency, control and protection.  

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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Expose shadow IT by detecting and reporting cloud applications in use across your environment and then block those that are not sanctioned.

Cloud-deliivered firewall

Cisco SIG provides visibility and control for outbound internet traffic across all of your devices.  Updates are applied instantly across your entire network ensuring minimum exposure when detected.

The CommuniCloud Difference

We simplify what is complicated.

Our services remove the headache of navigating and understanding complex security solutions. When it comes to securing your business we take care of everything.

Best of all? We’re based right here in Australia, we’re a quick call away, not a time zone away.

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Decentralised Networks


The New Normal

Mass migration to SaaS and vendor cloud services, along with swelling ranks of remote workers is the new normal and its the main driver for the transformation in enterprise security and networking. 

IT Challenges

Network decentralisation and a remote workforce are just some of the challenges facing organisations in the new normal.  IT and Security departments need to move towards a consolidated, cloud delivered security solution to provide broad protection regardless of network.

Top 3 reasons for Cisco SIG

The top 4 reasons organisations are looking at Cisco SIG are:

  • 1. Improved Security Coverage
  • 2. Centralised & Consistent Policies 
  • 3. Better performance
  • 4. Increased user satisfaction.

Key benefits of Cisco SIG

  • - Broad security coverage 
  • - Security protection on and off network
  • - Rapid enforcement of policies
  • - immediate value and low TCO
  • - Unmatched speed and reliability