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The Challenge

Cyber-attacks are always on the horizon, but we can see them coming from a mile away. CommuniCloud SOC as-a-Service turns major vulnerabilities into nothing more than predictable annoyances. Stay a step ahead with inbuilt silencer technology removing the noise and false positives so we can concentrate on the threats.


Cloud-based SOC & SIEM

Stop Threats Early and Strengthen Your Team


Every day we help organisations save on costs with our SOCaaS and SIEM solutions by bringing together your important security tools together in one place. When software isn’t integrated, they lose valuable time in the detection and response process. Instead of disparate solutions, using the power of AgileBlue, we provide you with a “single pane of glass” cloud-based SOC and SIEM platform.


Monitor systems, applications, and workloads, whether physical or virtual, anywhere in your network and get real-time alerts on security incidents.

Scale on-demand as you grow while eliminating hardware and administrative costs.

Consolidate and manage security and event log data while automating your compliance reporting.

95% True Positive

False positives are nothing but wasted time and money.  Why waste time and resources chasing misleading alerts and alarms when you can identify those that are true threats immediately. That’s why we have the power of the AgileBlue ‘Silencer.’ Accurate, fast, efficient.

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Managed Breach Detection

To protect your team, we become an extension of it. We don’t just flag an alert and disappear. Once the machines do their job, our people immediately step in to break down what it means and what needs to happen next. Flexible support for your most urgent security needs, and top of the line monitoring capabilities.


Key Benefits

CC cyber security SHIELD-01-1

Custom security thats centred around you

  • We custom fit our platform to you so you not only get the best technology, but the right technology for your company.
  • Adaptive, evolutionary and alert, we learn the in's and out's of your network, cloud services, SaaS applications and data, so you get the capabilities of our next generation technology, customised to keep up with your team.
  • Because our SOCaaS platform is grounded in proactive prevention and fuelled by machine learning, we can monitor the changing landscape of abnormal behaviour, security risks and attack chain threats so that we’re one step ahead, and you’re in the know.
CC cyber security SHIELD-01-1

Relentless Monitoring for Restful Nights

  • Our services don’t sleep, which means that you can. Our algorithms look for malicious threats, malware, ransomware, and software vulnerabilities, but that’s just the start.
  • Our 24 x 7 x 365 promise to you includes human-based responses, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behaviour monitoring, log management, and cloud-based SIEM.
  • Your team, network, and data deserve intelligent and constant protection. This job is never done, but we’ve got it handled.

Ready to protect your company with CommuniCloud?

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