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The Challenge


Most organisation have a number of security solutions in place however most cannot identify or measure the level of insider risk exposed to your business from your employee's, contractors and partners.  Regardless of it being accidental, negligent or malicious behaviour, unless your security solutions understand the context of user activity, these traditional solutions cannot prevent exposure from an employee with credentials.

For example, they have sensitive data hosted on servers with access control rules, but they cannot quantify how it is affected by users’ poor cyber hygiene practices and non-adherence to Acceptable Use Policies. They also cannot track the effectiveness of their security controls and training.



Why CommuniCloud & Ava Reveal 

Insider risk is identified as one of the costliest and most common sources of data breaches to organisations. Protect your organisation against all insider risks – from non-malicious to malicious – with CommuniCloud and Ava Reveal.

We provide visibility without blindspots ...

Continuous monitoring provides visibility into user behaviour, data access, and system use. Our Analysts provide valuable insights into file, USB device, connection, browser, application events, and more.

... through Human Centric Security ...

Learned user profiles highlight how data is accessed and used by the individual rather than a generic profile applied based on Role. Behaviour detected outside of the profile can be an advanced indicator of a malicious user or a compromised system.  Protect yourself from those who have internal access and knowledge of sensitive data and systems.

...and a robust policy engine.

Built-in policies for data tracking, cyber hygiene, and malicious activity detect and defend against various risks.  In addition our Analysts will map other policies against key outcome criteria such as your acceptable use and InfoSec policies providing actionable reports on your employee adherence.

Detect malicious behaviour on install

Built-in rules immediately alert on detection  of real-world insider risk scenarios. For example, detect employees using restricted administrative tools, sending sensitive information outside of the organisation, circumventing security, and printing documents during irregular hours.

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Key Benefits

CC cyber security SHIELD-01-1

Understand risks to Systems & Data

  • Attribute all collected data and user activity to specific users
  • Assess how different types of user activity adds to risk
  • Understand when to implement additional security measures
CC cyber security SHIELD-01-1

Strengthen your Security Posture

  • Change employees’ behaviour via incident-based training
  • Prevent malicious activities from happening by alerting on suspicious behaviour
  • Block activities such as uploading confidential files to personal drives
CC cyber security SHIELD-01-1

Identify and Mitigate more Risks

  • Improve cyber hygiene and keep data and endpoints secure, regardless of location;
  • Combine the power of machine learning and rule-based policies;
  • Detect risks and enforce behaviour with actions, regardless of an employee being offline or remote.
CC cyber security SHIELD-01-1

Security Simplified

  • Lightweight Reveal Agent;
  • Intuitive user experience;
  • Cost-effective, straightforward subscription model without hidden costs;
  • Robust security controls and anti-tamper measures across the solution.

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