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Unify and simplify with Webex


Innovative solutions for today’s modern business

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Webex Meetings

Hold meetings with people wherever they are: at the office, at home, on the road or somewhere else. It’s easy. Participants don’t have to dial in or input a code. Simply connect, get your work done, and move on.

Webex Teams

Keep your team connected and engaged with one easy-to-use app. Need a place for your team’s mutual files, conversations and meetings? Webex Teams leverages the power of your team in one streamlined, intuitive interface.

Webex Devices

Webex Devices improve your efficiency and put the focus on your work, not on your communication technology. Video systems wake up when you enter the room, and lights dim when you’re ready to video conference.

webex calling
Webex Calling

Shed your maintenance-heavy telephone infrastructure and upgrade to versatile IP calling for your workplace. Make and receive calls directly from within Webex Teams and from a variety of devices that suit each team member's needs, including those working from home.


CommuniCloud is a 
Cisco value-added partner

As an Australian value-added partner of Cisco Webex, we can deploy and manage their entire suite of innovative products as we create custom solutions for your business.


Work your way,
on your terms

Get everyone organised

Keep tabs on your team, even when they’re not all in the office. With visual workflows and checklists, searchable conversations and common file storage, your team’s productivity will soar.

Connect anytime, anywhere

Whether you meet at a predesignated time (arranged through your calendaring app) or you need to catch up on the spur of the moment, connect with your team seamlessly.

Keep everything secure

With so much at risk with your data security, use Webex end-to-end encryption to make sure your conversations, search terms and results are safe from hackers.

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CommuniCloud are dedicated to supporting and connecting McConnell Dowell's video centric workforce, across all their global locations.

CommuniCloud, through their Video solution, has provided us with a cost effective, user friendly and stable platform to help support our Unified Communications aspirations and cater for our somewhat unique needs.

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Heinrich Kukkuk

Group General Manager: IT, McConnell Dowell

Unify and simplify with Webex

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