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6 key benefits of switching to Cloud Calling

Cloud based calling may well be the best thing for your thriving enterprise. But if you’re still grappling with exactly what it is, or how it works, how can you make the decision to shift to it? The good news? We’re here to unpack cloud calling, or IP calling, in a way that doesn’t need a masters in IT.

Weighing the pros and cons of moving to cloud calling can be an overwhelming task. (we’ll give you a hint though, it’s all pros!) A simple online search will show you the incredible number of services and features available. And when you take in everything they do, it will be these features that will make you want to jump into the future and say goodbye to your old analogue system.

The idea of an analogue phone line seems very outdated, especially in a world where we live on our smartphones and laptops. Cloud based calling, or VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol), will have you making calls using a broadband internet connection.

This technology immediately increases your ability to connect with clients and each other. There are no physical limitations to a VoIP system – it can even be used across multiple locations. Sometimes, this is simply the difference between a work and home office. However, there might be oceans separating you from your colleagues and clients, with offices across multiple cities. Cloud based calling makes the management of these different locations much more manageable, while also offering a heap of further advantages. Here are just six to consider when making the move to a cloud calling solution…




1. Affordable calling

While a regular telephone system uses heavy infrastructure to make calls, a cloud-based system uses Internet Protocol by turning communication data into packets that are then sent over the IP network. It sounds more complicated, but in actual fact, it’s a process that happens so quickly and effortlessly, you won’t even notice it happening. When a call takes place over traditional phone lines, that line is occupied by the two callers using it to communicate. Expanding a call like this into a multi-site, multi-person meeting can be expensive and unreliable. Add to this, the uncertainty of whether or not every participant is looking at the same thing, and things start getting complicated. With the simplifying of the process, and a reduction in the resources needed to place and receive a call, cloud-based calls are far more affordable to make. In addition to this, cloud-based services are more likely to be charged on a monthly or annual basis, rather than per call. So you can call your boss every day, and the fixed subscription price is not affected


2. Flexibility and versatility

Aside from cost, this is has to be the biggest argument for cloud based calling. Unified communications tools like Webex Calling are transforming the way people collaborate. If you run a business on-the-go, cloud-based calling will be your biggest ally as it moves with you. You can transfer calls from your phone to your laptop or mobile device – or to somebody else’s – with one click. No more fiddling around with codes and transfer buttons and call backs from somewhere else. Just the simplicity of a single system for everything.


3. PBX: Never miss a message

A cloud calling system can send voicemail-to-text transcriptions directly to your inbox. You can forward these to those they need to reach instantly. Private branch exchange (PBX) features mean you can welcome callers with a virtual receptionist, and personalised mailboxes. You can make calls through direct inward dialling, or via extension numbers. Add to this, a cloud PBX system allows you to add more users and extension numbers as necessary, while also choosing the customers you want or need for each department.


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4. Easy conferencing

Thanks to cloud technology, meetings, conferences and events have changed forever. Cloud calling means that any member of your team can join in from anywhere, complete with video and screen sharing, on any device from their desktop to their smart watch. Having the ability to connect ‘face-to-face’ worldwide, sharing documents, graphs, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings and data that can be edited in real time is transformative to the way we all get things done. Waiting for everyone to ‘dial in’ and hoping that each office is on the same slide in the presentation is not something you’ll have to worry about ever again.


5. Client interaction

While meetings used to require a level of travel, it’s not always possible, practical or necessary to meet face-to-face. The very nature of cloud-based calls means you’ll be able to conduct your meetings wherever you are. This is especially important as workplaces move to more flexible working patterns and conditions. As more organisations consider working-from-home practicalities, client and colleague interactions are just one aspect employers are looking to simplify. And realistically with cloud-based calling, you need never be concerned with getting out of your pyjama bottoms for meetings again – just keep it camera-ready on top…


6. Reliability and security

One of the very best features? Even if the worst happened, and your office network crashed, the fact that your PBX exists separate to your physical premises means your systems can be backed up and restored to another machine or location in a matter of minutes. Add to that, the encryption protocols associated with cloud-based calling are far superior. No matter where you’re operating from, even if it’s temporary, your calls and information is completely secure with a reputable provider.


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