Simply put, a webinar is a real-time, online “event” that’s delivered over the internet, live. You, the host, are able to set up the whole event and invite team members and clients, and whoever else you wish. The beauty of a virtual event? You can invite people regardless of location. Webinars are a great way […]

Polycom recognised CommuniCloud with its 2015 Circle of Excellence Award during TEAM Polycom 2016, the company’s annual partner conference, held in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, January 11-14, 2016. All honorees continue to excel at incorporating value-added solutions and services which create lasting value for customers. Find out more about the day from Polycom here.

Recently a technological breakthrough was made that I for one have been longing for. When Marty McFly Hoverboarded himself to fame in Back to the Future more than 30 years ago the race began to make a real magic flying machine – and last week car maker Lexus finally delivered.