How To Greatly Transform Your Webinar or Web Conference

Simply put, a webinar is a real-time, online “event” that’s delivered over the internet, live. You, the host, are able to set up the whole event and invite team members and clients, and whoever else you wish. The beauty of a virtual event? You can invite people regardless of location. Webinars are a great way to communicate big projects and brainstorm ideas with an overseas team.

The key to a great webinar is predominantly the content. This includes everything from how you organize the content of the webinar to how you present it visually. If you’re the host, it’s important you keep everyone engaged, so content could make it or break it for you. Think carefully about who your audience are while crafting your webinar content, remember, your event is about building relationships with your audience so they continue to gain trust and view you as an innovative within the industry.


What you can gain from a successful webinar

Attract new business

Instead of a small scale seminar, why not hold a way more creative webinar that can involve possible prospective business too. Webinars aren’t just for closing existing customers anymore. You can utilise them to introduce prospective clientele to your brand, reward loyal customers with exclusive content, and really highlight your brand as a market leader.

Slash costs

There’s really no need to flash the cash when it comes to creating an impressive webinar. There are a number of different tools on the market that will drastically enhance your webinar, and a lot of them are free e.g. google hangouts. Once it’s all over you can breathe a sigh of relief and easily continue making the most of your webinar post-event. The beauty of a finished webinar recording is that you can use it over and over to attract leads, sell products, and drive traffic to your website. The Webinar offers an event that keeps on giving at a very small cost.

Always exploit social media

You’ve gone to the effort of mastering the webinar so now you need to shout out about it wherever possible. If you’re webinar went well, most of the hard work is done and the ensuing social media attraction should follow naturally. Speak straight to your target audience through updates on all your social channels, assign someone to tweet about the event, and use facebook to summarise after, making sure to keep them engaged with images, gifs, video, memes. This is also the time to tease invitees with the next webinar…

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