It’s time to get Passwordless!

Security is evolving, and the future is passwordless. What does this mean? At CommuniCloud, we highly recommend DUO. DUO Passwordless Authentication is a method of verifying identity when a user accesses an application. Instead of relying on a password to authenticate, users can authenticate in the way that works best for them:

– Touch ID

– Face ID

– Android biometrics

– Windows Hello

– FIDO2 security keys

– Duo Mobile smartphone app

Why Choose Duo for Passwordless Authentication?

The remote work revolution is driving authentication toward a future that’s more efficient, effective and user-friendly. User experience is more important than ever, access security is expanding, and existing security workflows are becoming more streamlined.

In the 2021 Duo Trusted Access Report: The Road to a Passwordless Future, we examine how enterprises are leveraging lower-friction methods like biometrics and Webauthn to move away from passwords while protecting the hybrid workforce.  READ MORE






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