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Introduction to Effectively Filling Your Cyber Security Gaps

Many organisations are starting to build a cyber security strategy as cybercrime is on the rise. When it comes to an organisation evaluating its cyber security landscape and identifying gaps, where do you start?

Watch Stephen Hill, CTO CommuniCloud, discuss the latest trends in cyber security with the President of AgileBlue, Tony Pietrocola. You will get insights into –

  • How to identify cyber security gaps within your organisation.
  • Learn about the challenges organisations face with knowing where to start after they have identified gaps.
  • Learn what steps organisations can take to fill these gaps and monitor effectively.


Want to learn more about our Cyber Security Solutions and how your business will benefit from it?

At CommuniCloud, we pride ourselves on protecting and becoming an extension of your team. We don’t just flag alerts, we consult, recommend and can remediate on request. With a proven track record. We provide security solutions that work and never sleep to keep you ahead of the latest threats. We’re with you every step of the way. 

Cyber-attacks are not going away. It’s cheaper and easier to prevent rather than respond to an attack. Implementing and looking after your security solutions can be difficult and costly. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to go at it alone.

Can your IT professionals run a SOC and their day-to-day business? Can they keep up with all the alerts, notifications and required remediation? What about threat hunting?

Our services don’t sleep, which means you can.  24 x 7 x 365, we’ve got it handled and will keep you in the know with reporting, protection and support. We look for malicious threats, malware, ransomware, software vulnerabilities and more.



We make it simple. You don’t have to choose. We give you everything for the price of one product starting from $39.95 per month. You get security protection for Email, PC’s, Internet and Cyber Hygiene.


  • Email Security – Email threats are still one of the most prevalent security challenges for organisations. 
  • PC’s (endpoint) – We ensure your devices are comprehensively monitored for security threats.
  • Secure Internet (SIG & DNS) – We manage security to protect your people and their data. 
  • Cyber Security Training – Your people are the biggest attack vector for your business. Protect your organisation with real-time security training.



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