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October – Cyber Security Awareness Month

Do your Part. #Be Cyber Smart

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Now is the time, to take steps to protect yourself from common online threats and cybercrime. Every day we spend a lot of time taking safety measures.

  • We put on our seatbelts when driving a car.
  • We wear a helmet when riding a bike.
  • We check the street for cars before crossing.
  • We have home alarms and fire alarms.

Then we log into our devices and safety goes out the window!

Human error is the most common way we open the door to attacks. Hackers know this, and 90% of attacks are targeted at individual users. Hackers know that users are easily exploitable. Your greatest strength is knowing where your weakest link is. 

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is promoting the 2021 theme Do your Part #BeCyberSmart and encouraging Australians to take simple steps to protect themselves online.

First steps include turning on automatic software updates, activating multi-factor authentication, regularly backing up devices, using passphrases, securing mobile devices, and watching out for cyber scams”.

During Cyber Security Awareness Month take the time to assess your security posture. Hackers have no boundaries and will target you at home and work.

Make sure you assess your security posture both at home and work. Improving your security is easier than you think. It’s the most obvious measures that are effective against common threats.

Check out these tips from Cisco on how you can take cyber action now. From SMB owners to IT managers, everyone has a part to play in keeping their organisation safe from online threats.

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