CommuniCloud Achieves ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management

ISO 27001 reinforcing CommuniCloud takes security seriously with our commitment to protecting your data.

On 10th September 2020, CommuniCloud officially achieved ISO/IEC 27001 Certification, the international standard on Information Security Management. By attaining this highly regarded standard, CommuniCloud has demonstrated that security is of the utmost importance and forms the core of its business, specifically with the provision of Cyber Security Services and Video Conferencing.

“The ISO 27001 Certification is not just a certification, it is the basis for CommuniCloud’s growth plan. A business does not grow efficiently and rapidly without robust processes and policies. The ISO Certification demonstrates that CommuniCloud can be trusted with a customer’s most valuable asset, their data. Our security and that of our customers is the number one focus of CommuniCloud, that is why we built an internal team to deliver our ISMS. We now understand the ISMS system intimately which allows us to ensure it is continually optimised and at the core of everything we do. I am very proud of the team and what they have accomplished,” proclaimed Glenn Makowski, Managing Director at CommuniCloud Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Ireland.

Who are CommuniCloud?

CommuniCloud delivers services to a range of Australian based companies, industries and verticals offering cloud and hybrid solutions to provide a full suite of professional services, training, managed services and support.

Since 2011, CommuniCloud has been empowering small, medium and large enterprises. Our rich experience and superior partnerships provide businesses with the right technology and solutions. Cyber Security is our core focus for the future, we endeavour to develop a culture of cyber resilience and accelerate growth across industries through secure solutions.

Our Cyber Security Solutions are based on an ecosystem of processes, policies, and procedures which ensure strategic placement of technology. We create an effective long-term strategy to mitigate any cyber security-related risks and keep enterprises protected from any probable data breaches. We, along with our sheer experience, dedication, and professionalism, strive hard to provide our customers with the best scalable services.

What is ISO 27001?

Data is a valuable commodity, and many people want to use it both lawfully and unlawfully. ISO 27001 is the international standard that governs the security of the data we manage on your behalf and ensures that your personally identifiable information is managed via policy and process in line with the standard, to ensure its safety.

At CommuniCloud, we regularly assess the likelihood of an attack or failure, the impact that such an attack or failure would have on the organisation and the effectiveness of controls intended to protect the assets. We use this methodology when designing solutions for our customers.

Ultimately it is about the regular assessment of risk and how it can be mitigated, again another essential guideline for any solution developed by CommuniCloud. The ISO 27001 standard helps CommuniCloud ensure that your security risks are cost-effectively managed, and our adherence to the standards transmits a critical message to your customers and business partners, that you take security seriously.

In today’s environment, cyber security threats are ever-increasing. At CommuniCloud, we use the NIST risk model in conjunction with our ISO 27001 policies and procedures to regularly assess and strengthen our security posture and overall defence for our customers.

Find out more about CommuniCloud and how we can improve your security posture and defence.

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