Digital Transformation with Video

Digital Transformation (n): The integration of digital technology into every area of a business; it fundamentally changes the way organisations operate and deliver value to customers.

As the world increasingly becomes more digital, businesses are finding that digital transformation is absolutely necessary if they’re going to continue to thrive. But what exactly does the term “digital transformation” mean? And how can you navigate your own company’s transformation?

In this post, we’ll look at the idea of digital transformation and how video conferencing can help you to achieve it.


What is Digital Transformation?

The definition above offers a broad view of digital transformation, but the truth is that it will look different within each company. Generally speaking, when we talk about digital transformation, we’re describing the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, and since all areas are affected, the transformation changes the way the business operates internally and delivers value to customers.

Additionally, digital transformation is a cultural change for organisations. It causes businesses to continually challenge their status quo and experiment more freely. In this way, digital transformation can require a leap of faith; you may need to walk away from processes or systems your company was built on. The end result, however, can be a company that is better able to compete in today’s digital world.


Why Should You Consider Digital Transformation?

From small, family-owned businesses to enterprise companies, organisations are looking to digital transformation for several important reasons:

  • Your competitors are doing it. Today’s digital technologies have the capacity to bring down operating costs while making companies more efficient. You’ll have a difficult time competing with companies that are fully digitised. 
  • You’ll be more profitable. With lower operating costs, you’ll have more funds to put toward other priorities.
  • You’ll be more efficient. Harnessing today’s digital technologies can help you to be more productive. With integrated communications and collaboration, your employees will be able to accomplish more in less time.
  • Your customers will appreciate the change. Most customers have already adopted digital technologies in many facets of their lives. They expect companies to be as comfortable with the digital world as they are.


Video Conferencing in Digital Transformation

No longer regarded as a novelty, video is playing an important part in digital transformation today. As leaders consider the ways their organisations can be transformed, video is being put to work in a number of ways.


Video Conferencing

Whether you need to talk with an employee, a customer, a vendor or a potential partner, video conferencing makes it easy to have a face-to-face conversation. Instead of paying for expensive travel, simply schedule a video conference.

This digital technology is also helpful for team collaboration and regular staff meetings. No matter where your people are, you can pull them together and get your work done.


Corporate Training

For many years, corporate trainers spent much of their time on the road, visiting various branches to offer their presentations. Not only is this method expensive, but it also cuts down on the time a trainer can actually be teaching staff.

With video conferencing, corporate trainers can use digital tools that reinforce learning and provide help as needed. For instance, the training sessions can be recorded so learners can return to the video when questions arise in the future.


Explainer Videos

Short explainer videos can be used for many purposes: to share in your social media marketing, to send to clients or customers who need a visual description of a product, or to show employees how to do something. Video conferencing makes it easy to produce these learning aids.


Hiring and Onboarding

Instead of flying potential candidates in for hiring interviews, use video conferencing to get to know them. You can also use this technology to help with new employees’ training and onboarding.


Broadcasting Live Video and Webinars

Today’s executives can reach their investors, employees, vendors, and potential customers all at once through live broadcasts and webinars. This technology has far-reaching applications, and forward-looking organisations are using it in a variety of innovative ways.

At what stage is your company’s digital transformation? Have you already made significant changes or are you just dipping your toe in the water? Wherever you are in the process, get in touch with us at CommuniCloud to discuss how we can help you.



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