Will Your Network Support Your Future Growth?

Future growth is always on your mind as a business owner or manager, and the way you handle your information technology can either help or hinder that growth. As business culture changes according to customer demand and employee needs, you’ll need to be able to scale up and down, add new applications and subtract old systems that don’t meet your needs any longer. You may also need to add more users or expand into new territories.

It’s possible to create a network that gives you this kind of agility and supports your future growth. Today’s networking tools allow us to create customised solutions that offer exactly what you need, no more, no less. And they also allow for a foundation for growth that simply wasn’t possible with traditional networks. In this post, we’ll look at several of the components necessary for this kind of foundation.


It Needs to Be Cloud-Based

Cloud-based networks exist entirely within a cloud environment, and because of this, they can provide superior connectivity between the network and other cloud-based applications and resources.

As more and more workers use applications to improve their productivity, cloud networking becomes imperative. Many of these new applications don’t run as well on traditional networks, and they can swamp your old network with their demands.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll probably want to intelligently join voice and data for your business, and using a cloud-based network can help you to do this, bringing down your communication costs while you enhance your collaboration and communication capabilities.


It Needs to Be Accessible

Traditional networks are hardware-based. You can actually see the routers and servers and cables that connect everything. If something goes wrong, you have to inspect all of your hardware and upgrade the older pieces.

With a cloud-based network, you can eliminate much of the hardware, but you still want to be able to monitor your network. That’s why you need a network that allows you to see, monitor, and make changes all through one, easy-to-use interface. You’ll want to be able to see which sites are up and running and how your data security policies are working. You can do this with our customised cloud networks.


Optimisation is Key

Businesses looking for future growth generally try to optimise current systems and processes, and you can do this by switching to a cloud-based network. In fact, you can integrate your existing network and configure to your exact business requirements.

There’s no sense in paying for more than you need, and there’s also no reason to place artificial limits on your network in order to save money. With a customised cloud network, you can manage bandwidth consumption of applications to deliver optimum speeds to remote sites.


Security Enhances Growth

In the past, security software was installed on networks after the network was completely built. Instead of this “afterthought” approach, think of data security as an integral part of your network. This paradigm will help you to avoid expensive data breaches, thus speeding up your future growth.

Use AES encryption at all packet levels across your entire network. Additionally, VPN can help to secure remote sites, protecting your entire network, wherever it may be.


Reduce Your Costs

Growth requires capital, and if you can reduce your networking costs, you’ll have more funds for other business priorities. A Software-Defined (SD-WAN) wide area network can reduce your costs by connecting remote sites over low-costs internet links. These links are secured by VPN and maintain their reliability and performance.

As you can see, cloud-based networks can help to support your company’s future growth. To learn more about how we can build a custom network for you, get in touch with us at CommuniCloud.



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