Free video conferencing software now available to all.

CommuniCloud have released free video conferencing software, saving businesses from subscription fees for similar platforms that can far exceed $100 per month. 


Their popular InView platform can now be used for free, allowing all companies to increase the productivity of their teams without the price tag.

“Companies are spending more on software than ever before,” says Founder and Managing Director Mark Dover.

“All of these subscriptions really add up and they can be straining for smaller companies. We’re releasing InView Free because we wanted to give all businesses an equal opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of video software – regardless of their software budgets.”

InView, CommuniCloud’s popular video conferencing platform, allows teams to improve productivity, connect with remote colleagues and clients, and integrate with other software. The free version of InView includes:

  • Unlimited meeting duration
  • Join from any browser (WebRTC)
  • Screen and document sharing
  • Host up to three participants
  • Live chat support


Create your free account here.


About CommuniCloud

CommuniCloud are the fastest growing company of video conferencing solutions across Australia. Their strategic partnerships with leading technology firms has cemented their position as an innovator in the market.

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