InView™ video conferencing solutions – the game changer

Did you know staff can lose 40% productivity by multi-tasking? Have you ever considered how engaged your audience is when hosting an audio conference?

In today’s workplace, video conferencing is the game changer for both employers and employees. If asked, many employers would suggest video conferencing is an efficient means for connecting with staff and reducing travel expenses. 

Yes, you will save on the expense of travel and reduce time lost with traveling to and from destinations. Have you considered there is so much more to video conferencing?  Video conferencing products make interactions more personable and engaging for staff.


Change the game and give that 40% back to your business

Video conferencing offers a solution to bring your team together in a more interactive way, keep your staff engaged, brainstorm ideas, and produce more work with fewer distractions. Keep your staff engaged and focused on the task at hand!
“While you are on a teleconference call you are writing up your quarterly report, checking your email, and texting your friend about where you are meeting for lunch. You would say that you are good at multi-tasking, right? You might want to re-think your strategy. Recent estimates are that you can lose up to 40% of your productivity if you multi-task”.


Fact or fiction?

How often have you participated or hosted a conference call where you are just not sure if anyone out there is listening? How do you know if people are engaged and interested? Is the silence at the end of the phone line an indication that you have captivated or lost your audience? How often have you been distracted whilst participating in an audio conference? How often have you listened to someone tapping away at the keyboard or the ‘ping’ of an IM or an email being sent? Let’s be honest and ask ourselves, how many times have you been caught out with a wandering mind? How many times have you said “I’m sorry I didn’t catch that. Could you please repeat that question?”.

Fact! With video conferencing, you can say goodbye to staff tuning out or staring out the window. With video conferencing solutions, you will no longer rely on outdated email or phone calls. You can interact and engage with your team in a much more personal way. InView™ communication service cuts out the small talk and puts your business ahead of the rest. Benefit from creative sessions and become more innovative through video conferencing.


InView video conferencing on iPad

Change the game! Keep your audience engaged and to task

Don’t lose productivity by lack of focus and concentration. Make you’re meeting the one task at hand that requires full engagement and concentration. Keep you’re team engaged and seamlessly bring your participants together face-to-face. A video conference with InView™ can prove to be a better way to network, whether your teammates are down the street or on the other side of the globe.

CommuniCloud come out on top for a state-of-the-art video conference. Built for professionals, we make sure to work with the best technology platforms, whether it’s our proprietary InView™ or Prime Time technology to seamlessly bring all participants face-to-face. Our service provides you with the power of a flexible, secure, HD video conference through a first class, subscription based “all you can meet” collaboration.

Is it time for you to reclaim that 40%? Sign up for a FREE trial today. It’s as simple as providing your name and email. We do not require your credit card details and there a no hidden costs! You are one click away from starting your free trial.


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