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What’s the Future of Remote Working?

Did you know that Australia is home to a large and growing number of remote workers? Per capita, Australia has more online freelance workers than anywhere else, and remote work continues to rise globally, especially in certain industries. In fact, UpWork recently reported that more than US$1billion in remote work is performed every year on …

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What Video Conferencing Does Your Business Need?

Does your business need video conferencing? Of course it does. From connecting with remote teams and collaborating with international contractors, to providing remote training and webinars, there are countless scenarios in which video conferencing comes to the rescue during an average business day. When your staff is equipped with quality video conferencing software, you’re always ready …

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5 Virtual Meetings Best Practices

Video conferencing and virtual meetings aren’t new in business. They’re a popular alternative to unnecessary physical meetings and a great way to connect remote teams and drive productivity. In fact, a reported 94% of companies who implement video conferencing say it increases productivity.

5 Ways Schools Can Use Video Conferencing

Students of today and the future benefit from incredible learning environments thanks to technology in the classroom. The Australian School Policy and Advisory Guide states that schools must use digital technologies safely and responsibly to enhance student learning, and video conferencing software is one of the best ways to achieve this.