Guide to Enterprise Video Conferencing Equipment

More and more enterprise businesses are leaning on video conferencing to solve a range of business challenges. 

Whether it’s streamlining the hiring process, collaborating across departments, managing remote suppliers, holding multidisciplinary sessions with clients or simply driving day-to-day efficiency, enterprise businesses are finding that video conferencing is a powerful tool in their technology stack.

But what kinds of equipment do you need to have all of these benefits available at your workplace? In this post, we’ll discuss the kind of equipment necessary to have state-of-the-art video conferencing at the ready in your enterprise business.


Polycom® RealPresence DebutTM

When you’re outfitting a meeting room with video conferencing hardware, be sure to check out Polycom RealPresence Debut™. It’s sleek and elegant, but it’s also cost-effective enough to be used in multiple locations. If you have branch offices that don’t require large conference rooms, this is a good solution.

The Polycom RealPresence Debut™ is also an excellent choice if you’re going to create huddle rooms within your office. The all-in-one design and easy installation make this hardware an attractive choice for many situations. 

Polycom also integrates with video conferencing software like CommuniCloud video.


Polycom® RealPresence Trio 8800

The Polycom RealPresence Trio 880 is a scalable video conferencing phone that combines flawless audio with powerful video performance. One of the unique features of this product is that it supports hybrid registration. This feature makes it possible to register to multiple platforms simultaneously. 

The Trio can pick up voices from 20 feet away, so it’s perfect for a video conference in a large conference room. People won’t have to feel like they’re shouting in order to be heard. The touch display is colourful and intuitive, so employees won’t be intimidated by the hardware interface.


Polycom® RealPresence® Group 500

Perfect for meeting rooms or huddle rooms with 2 to 8 people, the Polycom RealPresence Group 500 video conferencing equipment has an optional, built-in multipoint host that allows you to connect with people in up to 6 locations. This product provides a flexible camera as well as additional camera options, so it can be customised for different rooms and locations.

The RealPresence Group 500 equipment has a compact, discreet design, and the high-performance HD video helps users to feel that they’re actually in each other’s presence. It includes support for dual monitors as well; this feature helps all members to see each other clearly during their conferences.


RealPresence Group 310

Optimised for smaller groups, the Real Presence Group 310 equipment works well for huddle rooms, individual workspaces or small conference rooms. Set-up and configurations are easy and straightforward, so you won’t have to send in additional support to help team members get ready to go. 

It’s important to remember that video conferencing for small groups and small spaces doesn’t have to sacrifice quality. In fact, video conferencing for a single workspace needs to be as high quality as video conferencing for a large group, especially since individual conversations may happen on a more frequent basis. The RealPresence Group 310 equipment has a small footprint, so it’s easy to tuck into small workspaces. Don’t compromise on video conferencing hardware just because it will be used in a small space or by just a single person.



What to Look for in Enterprise Video Conferencing Software

As you choose video conferencing equipment for your organisation, keep the following attributes in mind:

  • Quality. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to deal with low-quality equipment while you hold an important meeting. Look for equipment that will consistently perform the way you need it to perform.
  • Ease of Use. During a business meeting, you need to be focused on your agenda, your communications and the message you’re trying to convey. You don’t need to be focused on your video conferencing hardware. Therefore, look for equipment that is easy to use for everyone involved.
  • A complicated set-up with many different moving parts and wires will take up precious space and be more prone to problems. Look for hardware that is unobtrusive, simple and modern in its design.
  • Simple Installation. Your team will be much happier in the long run if you provide them with video conferencing equipment that is easy to install, especially if it will be used in multiple locations.
  • Do you plan on using video conferencing for a variety of purposes? If so, make sure you choose equipment that is flexible and amenable to different size groups, spaces and applications.
  • Added Value. The reason enterprises are turning to video conferencing is that it adds value to the way their employees work. Therefore, choose equipment that will be an asset, not a liability. Don’t settle for equipment that will require lots of maintenance or replacement parts. Choose high-quality equipment that will be reliable and easy to use.
  • Businesses are dynamic in so many ways, especially as technology changes so rapidly. At this time, you might just need video conferencing for a personal workspace, but by next year you may need to video conference from a large room. When you choose scalable technology, you leave your options open and make it possible to grow or shrink gracefully.

To learn more about video conferencing equipment and which products might be right for your enterprise, get in touch with us at CommuniCloud. You can also get a free trial of our video conferencing solutions to see for yourself just how valuable this technology can be to your leadership, your employees, your customers and your overall business.



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