How the Digital Workplace Improves the Bottom Line

The “digital workplace” is fuelled by collaboration and productivity. It uses technology tools like video conferencing to empower teams with remote working and international collaboration; driving innovation, allowing flexibility and reducing traditional operating costs.


In this blog post, we’ll learn more about the ever-changing digital workplace and how adopting modern technologies can help your business grow.



What is a Digital Workplace?

You may come across many different definitions of “digital workplace,” but we’ll be referring to a virtual equivalent to the physical workplace. Within a digital workplace, employees can collaborate, find and share information and knowledge, communicate remotely and plan for the future, regardless of their physical locations.

A digital workplace requires strong planning and effective management because its structure plays a fundamental role in productivity, engagement and even working health. Let’s take a look at the ways a digital workplace can improve your bottom line.



Reduce Travel Costs

How many times have you travelled to another location just to sit down and have a meeting with someone? Not only is business travel expensive, but it can also be extremely time-consuming. During the hours when you’re driving or flying to another location, you could be getting more work done or rejuvenating yourself. In fact, a UK study from 2016 showed that businesses could save over $33,000 per year by video conferencing instead.

Business owners are often surprised at the amount of travel they can avoid simply by engaging in the digital workplace. For example, instead of sending someone to another office to conduct a training session, simply hold the training via a video conferencing tool like CommuniCloud. The trainer can share documents, answer questions and even give real-time examples directly from their computer.



Reduce Paper

With employees sharing digital files in a collaborative, organised digital workplace, you’ll find that your business saves considerable money on printing, paper and postage. This fact, combined with reduced travel, will also minimise your company’s carbon footprint by a substantial amount.



Reduce Security Costs While Improving Security

The last few decades have provided us with the elements of a perfect storm when it comes to data security. Between cloud computing, social media and mobile computing, many businesses worldwide have struggled to maintain control of their information security.

Fortunately, private digital workplace environments have helped many organisations to increase agility and reduce costs while boosting their data security. By having everything saved in one centralised, secure location, companies can reduce their risk of duplications, hacking and other data security vulnerabilities.



Save on Overheads and Traditional Operating Costs

The remote working capabilities powered by a digital workplace can allow employers to save considerable money on traditional operating costs. Less physical desk space translates to significant savings in rental costs and other overheads like electricity and internet use.

Furthermore, a workplace that isn’t bound to one set geographic location can give employers the flexibility to hire from a global talent pool.

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