Highlight of the 2019 Olive Conference on Cyber Security threat landscape and what can you do to protect yourself

Our CommuniCloud Managing Director, Glenn Makowski, was invited to share his knowledge at the 2019 Olive Conference and Trade Exhibition at Albury Entertainment Centre.


Taking place over the 17th to 19th of October, the industry event allowed Glenn to put forward the goings on at CommuniCloud, where we have begun to include cyber-security options as part of our services.


Having provided a series of communication solutions since our inception, we have been able to help a number of companies with services, training and support with cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions for video and audio conferencing. Our new cyber-security services have been created by applying the Essential Eight mitigation strategies developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.


We have built our approach to cyber-security knowing there are many dangers when it comes to breaching data systems. Our products and solutions are tailored for the range of problems that may occur – meaning if one solution is hacked, for instance, our other solutions will remain in place, creating a stronghold around your technology systems.


CommuniCloud is also partnering with industry-leading vendors such as Cisco, Jazz Networks, Agari, InfoTrust and Splunk to create a cyber-security ecosystem of protection that incorporates both technology and professional services. We are essential in this mix, as technology alone will not solve all the challenges we face in the cyber-security space.


Although the dangers of working primarily online seem endless, Glenn took the time while speaking at the Olive Conference to detail a number of individual cyber security issues in his presentation. 

Glenn M at Cyber Security Presentation


Data Breaches in Australia


Our biggest concerns in the cyber-security space are issues that cause breaches – leading Glenn to explain the dangers of phishing, human error, impersonation or ‘social engineering’, and malware to businesses who must be protected from breaches to their cyber security in order to feel safe as they operate.


Data breaches seem to be on the rise as technology becomes more and more integrated with our daily lives. The technological landscape only seems to expand as our reliance on technology does.


To give an idea of the scope, did you know up to 81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords alone? Using ‘Password1’ across all of your protected platforms doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.


But it won’t happen to you right? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are still a few years away, there’s no need to worry yet. This kind of thinking is dangerous and leaves you open to breaches and threats. Most affected companies didn’t realise how big an issue they’d be faced with until a breach happened to them.


A whopping 61% of Australian businesses have experienced a data breach within the last two years*. This is no small feat – breaches have affected a range of different groups, from the Australian Attorney-General’s Office to online ticketing companies.


What can you do to protect yourself?

Here are some easy tips from Glenn’s presentation to increase your cyber-safety:



Glenn spoke to the conference audience about the importance of using a password application, such as Last Pass, in order to keep track of all your passwords. He also suggested changing default passwords immediately once a new private account is set up.


Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication elevates cyber protection beyond a password, asking you for more than one method of authentication during a login or a transaction. It will usually combine two or more independent credentials – something you know, something you have, and something that pertains only to you, also known as biometric verification. You might have to swipe a card and enter a PIN, or scan a fingerprint, and finish up with a security question. Although this process might seem tedious, it is definitely worth implementing to avoid any potential security risks.


Protection software

Norton is a great place to start when looking into protection software. Don’t forget to put it on your mobile, too!


Updating software regularly

Nobody likes a software update. Unfortunately, they are essential to make sure your various devices are best equipped to protect your information. Make sure you’re keeping on top of this.


Cover your webcam

This one is pretty straightforward – stick a piece of paper over the top of that teeny tiny camera in your laptop. This avoids any risk of people spying on you visually.


Glenn’s presentation also focused on phishing threats, which are perhaps one of the simplest of all cyber-security issues. Phishing is the deceitful practice of sending emails from what appear to be reputable companies in order to convince the reader to reveal personal information such as usernames, passwords, and financial details. It often involves the use of combining spoofed emails and counterfeited websites.

Glenn decided to focus on the threat of phishing for this particular presentation, as it is responsible for more than 90% of malware infections and 72% of data breaches in organisations.

If companies can learn to protect themselves from phishing scams, then they will be able to avoid most forms of breaches.


Here are Glenn’s helpful suggestions for when you receive an email you believe to be a phishing scam:


Look, don’t touch

Look very closely at the email but try not to click on any links within it, or on the display name of the send email address.


Consider language

Look at the salutation – is there anything phishy about it? Are there any spelling errors? Check the signature as well, all of these things will stick out if there’s anything off.

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 5.17.39 pm (2)

Think it over

Consider whether the email asks for unnecessary personal information, or if it says anything about urgency. The content of the email can also be very telling.


Although these tips and tricks are quite straightforward, cyber-security can often feel like a whole new world on top of the already ever-evolving nature of technology. Luckily, we can make it very easy for you here at CommuniCloud.


We have fast become experts in cyber-security solutions, and have helped a range of industry-leading vendors to help protect themselves from cybercrimes.

Contact us for effective defenses against phishing and all other threats to your stored information.

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