What Video Conferencing Does Your Business Need?

Does your business need video conferencing? Of course it does.

From connecting with remote teams and collaborating with international contractors, to providing remote training and webinars, there are countless scenarios in which video conferencing comes to the rescue during an average business day. When your staff is equipped with quality video conferencing software, you’re always ready to connect, collaborate and get your work done.

But which video conferencing program is the best one for your needs? In this post, we’ll look at some common business challenges and a video conferencing solution to help you overcome them.



It’s likely that you have a few people in your organisation who excel at training new and existing employees. Their time is limited, however, and sending them to branch offices can be expensive and time-consuming. Training people who work from home can be tricky, too, unless you have CommuniCloud.

Whether it’s a quick five-minute help session or a multi-day program, video conferencing answers these problems by making it possible for your trainers to reach employees from anywhere.



CommuniCloud also allows your business to create successful webinars, which can help you to promote products and services as well as reach prospective clients. During your presentation, you can use the Interactive Q&A feature to reach your participants in a personal way.

If you’re interested in creating webinars, it’s important that you choose a video conferencing program that is easy-to-use and reliable. It should have the capacity to handle large audiences, and it should also have robust moderator controls.


Job Interviews

Your business can save time and money by interviewing candidates via video conferencing. When you use the right software, video interviews can feel just like face-to-face interviews, bridging the distance between employers and candidates.

With the candidates’ permission, you can also record the interview, share it with other hiring stakeholders and come back to it with fresh eyes.



Meetings with Clients

It’s great to catch up with clients in person, but if you’re having trouble finding time to meet with everyone, start scheduling video conferences to touch base. These meetings not only save money, but they also make it possible for you to build relationships by talking more frequently with clients and respecting their time and schedules.


Perhaps your research and development department is collaborating with researchers at a university and needs to meet with them frequently. Or perhaps your marketing team needs to speak with the sales team about an upcoming campaign, but they work in different buildings. Different parts of your business often need to collaborate to work more effectively, and video conferencing can facilitate these meetings with little or no expense.

The back-and-forth that email offers can be frustrating in collaborative efforts. Discussion is often more conducive for collaboration, and video conferencing tools like CommuniCloud makes this simple with document sharing and sub-conferencing features.

CommuniCloud Offers Solutions

For all of these business video conferencing requirements, look to CommuniCloud. Designed to be both robust and easy to use, CommuniCloud can help you with job interviewing, training, meeting with clients, webinars, team collaboration and more.

To learn more about what CommuniCloud can offer your company, or to start your free trial, contact us today.


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